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Hybrids for 1.11

What do you think? It’ll probably be nice to make one.

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Dsungaia and majungasaurus


Ok. :+1: WIll do

Seal gull guy make one

Sealgull guy


It has armor piercing strike and rampage, mutual fury and cloak. So ability wise it doesn’t have a mid ground attack between rampage and strike so yeah.

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Diplotator + Entelodon
Monolometrodon + Entelodon
Those 2 have great potential imo

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Indominus Rex (Or Indominus Rex Gen 2) + Stegosaurus (Or A New Stegosaurus Gen 2)

Name: Either Stegodominus Rex, Gojiradominus (Rex), Godzilladominus (Rex) Or Indominuzilla (Rex)

Components/Ingredients/Parents/What Ever:
Indominus Rex Level 20 (Or Indominus Rex Gen 2, Also Level 20) and Stegosaurus Level 20 (Or A New Stegosaurus Gen 2, Also Level 20)

Design: Basically Indominus Rex With Stegosaurus Dorsal/Back Plates

Rarity: Unique

Health: ~ 4500

Attack/Damage: 1600 to 1650

Speed: 109 to 111 or 112

Armour: 20% to 25%

Critical Hit Chance: 20%

Move-set: Defense Shattering Strike, Decelerating Impact, Armour Piercing Rampage, Cloak

Swap In Ability: Swap In Distraction

Passive Ability: Immunity

Phorusaura and Kelenken, mark my words

puraturaus and tarbosaur

Uh sorry I have to do indominus gen 2 + Smilodon.

We need diplosuchus in the game. It’s been to long.
I’d also like to see my ankylocoraptor, and my scaphodactylus to.

I also want my 2 most loathed creatures (kelenken and procerathomimus) to become a legendary hybrid.

Edomontoguanadon and enteldon… imagine the potential…

We haven’t got a single unique ceratopsian, raptor or Spinosaur. Imagine the potential…


well there is Indoraptor… but i get what you mean

Indoraptor gen 3?

Sorry I can’t

This is a c

Dsungaia + concavenator

Why? Yes I’m sorry

I agree about diplosuchus and edmonoguanodon-entelodon hybrids. We want them !

Scaph and Ankyloco

Indoraptor gen3 [unique]
Indominus rex+Delta
HP: 3900, Dmg: 1600
Armor: 0%, speed: 128, CR: 20%

Definite strike
Long dodge
Distracting rampage
Swerve(Priority. Cleanse self. Shield 50% for 1 turn. Regenerate 25% health. Deals 2x surviving damage received, bypass evasive abilities. Automatic swap at the end of this turn) (Delay:1 round. )

Immune to stun, distraction& deceleration

Swerve better have a long cooldown

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Forgot that bit, just re-edited it.