Hybrids for the Win


These are Just what I want stylistically and competitive…

Triceratops G2 - Omithiomimus - Concavinator
Looks like concavinator with 3 horns and feathers.
Dodge - stun - shield - counter attack.

King Godrah.
Amarga - Quetzel - argintinosaurous
Looks like two headed amarga saurous dragon.
Swap in invincibility with two strong slowing attacks like amarga… shield and lockdown strike.

Dsungarytarex - Gryptosuchus
Looks like a cross between suchomimus crawling and wings.
More deffensive… ferocity, counter, lockdown strike shield breaker with swap in lockdown…

Postosuchus - Baryonix
Stronger baryonix
Adrenalin - ready to crush - shield crush- cleansing impact
Swap in Adrenalin…