Hybrids from jwa

I think the next hybrids that will be added will be Eremoceros, dilophoboa, grylenken and dracoceratops

you man dracoceratops?
image dracorex exists

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My bad. Of course i mean dracoceratops aka the rat

No rat plz, but Maxima or Spinoconstrictor would be nice

Rat and spinoconstrictor are possible but not ardentis because argentinosaurus already has a hybrid and they are currently not add seccond hybrids for each creature

Brachi and Seco exist, and then you just add Argentino S-DNA

Dra-co-rat! Spi-no-con! Max-i-ma!
come on chant with me!
Dra-co-rat! Spi-no-con! Max-i-ma!

You need to have argentinosaurus + Secodontosaurus and as long as they don’t add more fusion possibilities for one creature we won’t get ardentismaxima. It’s not like i wouldn’t want maxima but it’s apperantly not possible

You don’t need Ardonto, you need all 3 combined to create the end product. That’s it

brachiosaurus + secodonto = um…lets call it Bob (BrachiosecOBrachio)Bob!
Bob + argentino sdna = ARDENTISMAXIMA!!!

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