Hybrids gen 2

Olha galera que tal híbridos G2 porque descobri que na próxima atualização vai ter um alossauro gen2 então eu pensei se tem criaturas G2 Que tal híbridos G2 hein tipo alossinossauro gen 2 indominus rex gen 2 dracoceratops gen 2 e indorraptor gen 2?


That is some nice English right there!

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Translation from Portuguese: Look guys that such G2 hybrids because I found out that in the next update will have a gen2 allosaurus so I wondered if it has G2 creatures How about genus allusosaurus gen 2 hein 2 indominus rex gen 2 dracoceratops gen 2 and indorraptor gen 2?


I wonder if this Allosaurus G2 hybrid is made to counter Thor or DC to answer the complaints.

Thanks for the translation, @TeaRekz. :smiley:

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Lol np. Not a very good one :see_no_evil: