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Hybrids improvement

Use more time on the hybrids and make them look better. Purutaurus, indo rex and indoraptor is very cool looking, but we don’t want dinosaurs with Purple yellow and Green on one dragon. It is just ugly and wierd.

Not TOO much science fiction and make the dinosaurs their own thing.

We have hybrids that are a fusion of mammals and dinosaurs and you’re saying bright colors is too unrealistic lol.


Im just saying the hybrids is wierd and color was one of the things…

Have you ever actually been out in nature? Snakes, birds, insects, mammals… vibrant colors are common.


we don’t know what these creatures actually looked like. for all we know T rex could’ve been bright Orange. or triceratops could’ve had a brightly colored frill. and the fact that these creatures have modern day creature dna in them to fill the gaps allows for these bright colors.

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I get that but it is so unatural. It looks like alien dinosaurs. And what they do is put dinosaurs into each other and get a wierd result. They don’t make it their own special hybrid like indo rex and raptor

Theyre exceptions due to their canonical significance. Bright and odd colours are normal. With hybrids who knows what would happen

Well i just hope they stop smashing different parts of a dinosaur into each other to make a new dinosaur, but rather make it it’s own thing with some simulatiries. I think most of us would agree with that:)

I think the actual movesets/stats need to be prioritized as opposed to the creature’s aesthetics. Some dinos really need to either get toned down, get a rework/buff, or even just a long deserved hybrid.

That is true but im talking about the hybrid styles