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Hybrids Seeking Super-Hybrids

So as of this date 5/16/2020 this is what I have as the comprehensive list of Hybrids without Super-Hybrids.

Legendaries (Patch Origin)
Alankylosaurus (1.4)
Alloraptor (1.11)
Diplovenator (1.8)
Dracoceratops (1.5)
Dsungaia (1.8)
Entelomoth (1.12)
Grylenken (1.14)
Keratoporcus (1.13)
Phorusaura (1.9)
Skoolasaurus (1.6)

Epics (Patch Origin)
Brontolasmus (1.9)
Dimodactylus (1.5)
Entelochops (1.14)
Erlikogamma (1.11)
Megalogaia (1.12)
Procerathimimus (1.6)

Rares (Patch Origin)
Ankylocodon (1.3)

Feel free to correct me, share ideas, progress, etc. I can continue editing this if it is popular enough. Thanks.


Don’t forget Ankylocodon and Dracoceratops


Thank you!

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I think the list is correct.

As in so many things, Ludia gave an impression and then went in the opposite direction.

The idea at the beginning of the game seemed to be that all the hybrids would have their super hybrids and that the oldest ones would have priority over the newer ones … but then it changed, each time the list gets bigger and most of the time the super hybrid of the most hybrids.

As I never tire of repeating, this game needs rules.

Yeah, who knows, this may be something more sophisticated than what the developers are keeping. :laughing:
But seriously, We can also use this as a guide as to what to level-up, etc. If you’d like, I could add the dates each hybrid was added to the game…

Besides time, many of us thought that there was a certain justice. That those who created and evolved the rat by destroying the game would later be harmed by a rat super-hybrid that they would have a harder time creating and evolving. The same for those who created and evolved Yoshi. But no. Ludia has preferred to create a new hybrid with Gryposuchus to harm those whose only fault has been trying to evolve Gripolith.

I get it. There’s no end to the level of frustration in the game currently. It seems that the casual veteran players have been cast aside in favor of those with deep pockets. I get it, Ludia’s still a business, but you’d think this would be a small thing to keep the game more interesting.

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I thought of an Erlikogamma one a ways back:
Erlikogamma plus phorushracos
Hp 3300
Atk 1400
Speed 131
Precise Pounce
Immune to Decel
Immune to swap prevention

Ankylosaurus G2 has had 2 hybrids since 1.4 but a year and a half later and it still doesn’t have a single superhybrid :cry:

Got an ankylocodon too
Gorgodon (name might change)
Gorgosaurus plus Ankylocdon
HP 4500
ATK 1500
Speed 105
Armor 30%
Crit chance 40% ( from ophicaodon)
Definite Strike (cuz it needs some power)
Decel Impact

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I had some ideas for the oldest 6 of them here:

Superhybrids for the Neglected #2

sad music plays in the background

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I would love to see a Draco hybrig that prioritizes staying alive instead of a swap in killer like
Acute stun
Greater stunning strike
Swap in stunning strike

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I world work under the assumption that were getting more permian creatures in the next patch. I would consider that we’ll be seeing Estemmenosuchus. Anything of these hybrids anybody would want adorned with THAT head regalia?

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Skoolasaurus, maybe dsungaia, or perhaps diplovenator

Estemmenosuchus hybrids with one of those would look great I feel like

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I was actually hoping to move Dusnga there and put Edaphocevia where Dsunga is. Just a few days