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Hybrids that are not worth your dna

Can you guys please tell the hybrids to avoid getting because I know some of them are not worth it Ex:Metrialong

To me every dinosaur is worth the DNA but my goals may be different from yours. I want to have all my dinosaurs maximum level 40 and all my paddocks full.


Metrialong is worth it
Real Examples:
Diplosuchus and Diplotator

Realest example: rhinoprotodon (doubt they fixed it yet)


Worth it for what? There are a variety of creatures that can help you for various goals in the game or even your own goals.

Knowing your own objectives within the game may be able to guide you in a better way. Until then it is difficult to give a concrete opinion.


I also trying to max all create, they may help you out for tournament.

It depends, for what I have seen, I would say avoid carnivore hybrids, once you get hands on the I-rex and I-rex Gen 2 and make their respective indoraptors, you will have enough carnivores (as they are great for everything at level 10). As for other ones, Allonogmius and Glythronax (go for Glythro out of these 2 if you want to) are not worth your dna, get erliphosaurus instead as it can also get the job done. I Prefer Zalmono over Pteraquetzal, but if you want a pterosaur with health, pteraquetzal is what you need. Scorpios and Chromaspinus are the same for me, just a price difference and chroma has 2K health over Scorpios’s extra 500 attack. This is just my opinion, you can get all of them with some grind as all are unique in their own way :slight_smile:. Hope this helps you.

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Totally not worth it, and that’s why I’m creating an army of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha ha, don’t mind me, its great :star_struck:


How are these not worth your DNA?
Nundago is great value.
Alanga is your first hybrid and is more ferocity than all super rares even though it’s cheaper.
Limno is slightly more expensive than alanga and has slightly better stats.
Diplosuchus is a super hybrid. All super hybrids don’t cost DNA.
Diplotator is slightly more expensive and as good as a legendary and makes a super hybrid.
I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic


I’ll list out the most non worth it and worth Hybrids in JwTg
Land Hybrid (stat wise)

  • Worth it: Alangasaurus, Labyrintho, Carnoraptor Tapejalosaurus, Pachyceratops, Ankylodocus, Supprannotitan, Rajastega, Ostaposaurus, Indominus G2, Gorgosuchus, Erliphosaurus, Segnosuchus, Cerazinosaurus, Pachygalosaurus, Dracoceratops, Metriaphodon, Scorpius Rex

  • Ok but not the best: Limnorynchus, Pelicanipteryx, Diplotator, Nundagosaurus, Ophiacomimus, Stegoceratops, Suchoripterus, Unayrhynchus, Indominus, Priotrodon, Yudon, Armormata, Zalmonodon

  • Ain’t Worth it: Pachyceratops, Tropeogopterus, Parasaura, Giganocephalus, Metrialong, Spinoraptor, Koolasuchus (might as well get a VIP), Allonogmius, Glythornax, Chromaspinus

(Correct me if I’m wrong or forget something)

All are worth it Tbh.

  • I’m Wrong
  • I agree!

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Sometimes it depends on what base creatures you can unlock first. I have an army of level 30 Tropegopteruses, because I won a lot of Zheijangopterus early on so it was easy to make him. For a long while he was at the top of my ferocity. Yes he is expensive and the level 40 takes too long to regenerate, but I use the L30s regularly in the weekly unlock events and as semi-fodder in tournaments - the can take one hit from most non- herbivores so I put them first to build up defence. Also they make a lot of coin for me.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy them now if I hadn’t been able to unlock them so early on, but then they were worth it.


Pachyceratops and Metrialong are still worth it because one has decent tank stats and the other is the second best coin producer in the game. Allonogmius can be a nice starting tournament hybrid if you have the components, he has ferocity only slightly higher than Trex.

Gigaky is the worst shybrid to be honest. It has tanky stats and is practically useless


Sometimes it’s also based on design, honestly I’d spend dna on cera, although it’s kind of weak it’s my favourite dino because idk it’s furry and reminds me of a huge pillow (that eats you).


Metrialong is useless , you’ll be better off with carno and spino raptor.


I’m gonna have to disagree with alanga, diplo, and metri.
Metrialong is a carnivore that’s hard to get, showing that one of its components is a locked super rare, and super rares cost more amber than pyro, which is easy to get. Spinoraptor is also better, both of its components are easily unlocked from weekly rotations, plus carnoraptor and spinoraptor have late game shybrids (dimetrocarnus and Spinotasuchus).

Alanga is a great coin producer. My coin production is pretty pretty bad, so I rely on Alanga. I only have 3, and all 3 are at lvl 40, but still, I can make up to 250k/30 min, which is good since it only has I believe 50% boost.

Diplo. It’s a great shybrid, easy components from battle stage, and is a pain for any carnivore, with a low cooldown. Take ostapo for example. Ostapo 20 has about 12h cd, while diplo 20 has a 7h cd, and diplo is also stronger! Diplo is good overall, with less cooldown and one of the easiest components in the game.


Good, but I disagree with a few.

Rajastega is ok.
Erliph isn’t worth it.
Dracoceratops is ok.
Scorpious is ok.
OG Indom is worth it.
Diplotator is totally worth it.
Yudon, Armormata are worth it.
Spinoraptor is ok.
Allonogmius is ok.

Then you forgot a few:

Stegoceratops (totally worth it.)
Pteraquetzal (ok.)


None of them are “worth it”, you can succeed in the game with out purchasing any hybrids for DNA, but the question is what are you going to do with all off the DNA you have left over if not buy hybrids?

Hybrids exists as a way to power creep your game into requiring them, if you can resist them then you technically never need them.


Hmm ok…

Why? Its cheap…

Its far cheaper than Armormata and not that different.


But, there is a stronger gen 2, lol… (yes i think its worth it i have lvl 20 plus 2 in hatchery.)

How? its weaker tha T-rex and cost more… ( i do use it for once, now it has become Diplosuchus lol) Useful in other area.

Ok. i was at a dilemma writing this one.

You got Carnoraptor that is far cheaper (or Metrialong)

Its expensive and weak… Why?

As for Stegoceratops( now a Stegotops, lvl 40 (accidentally made another one) and i made another lvl 40 Stegoceratops.) and P. quetzal, i agree

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Lol yea actually Cuz the strongest it takes are tourney creatures

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