Hybrids that are not worth your dna

I meant diplosuchus


Yeah, I prefer metopo’s stats altho I don’t have one
Presto kinda overrated, but i dont like masto either


I do agree @OstaposaurusBae

thats why i said, correct me if I’m wrong


What were talkin?? Endgame, I agree
But for starters? i don’t agree…

All common hybrids are worth it (apart from Pelicanipteryx) (yes, for starters… not in the long run) because its basically a cheaper, stronger super rare…

I don’t know how you people say diplotator is a frequent win… i never get a creature (apart from Shuno once) in Modded PvP no matter how hard i pray… (for lvl 60s Carnoraptor and Jalosaurus is very very worth it… better than some super rare hybrids…)

Why is Tropeo worth it?? might as well buy Arambourgiana if you have unlocked it…

I agree with Super rare hybrids with S-hybrids… But i’d say Stegoceratops and Supranno is a strong start.

Unayrhynchus is better far better than Suchoripterus while costing not much more. Rajastega has a 1% chance on getting, how are you saying its not worth it (and how are you so lucky) as i said, i never get a creature no matter how hard i pray, not even Kapro or Titan. (for starters, its far cheaper, and yes, not worth in the long run)

I agree with Indom G1, G2 and Ostapo.

Tourney Carny hybrids, none worth it apart from Pachygalo and Yudon…

I agree with this tourney herbs, petesaur and amphi.

and, yes… we all have our Favs…
( i don’t really care if i use low level Dinos… I can win against 3 lvl 40 vips using only a tourney (if on type advantage, Lvl 40 Diplosuchus, or even a 40 Legend if the bot decides to repeat itself in a 3-attack 1-Block format.


next post answer: tru…

for your next post: Lol, thats why i always check before doing things

I mostly do Modded PvP just to throw dinos and do daily missions… I have a hate relationship with all spinwheels in JwTg, where i always get the worst prize…

Spinota is good… and i notice that even rare s-hybrids gives a buttload of Xp… (there is one time after i grinded for a year… i just went crazy, made 2 of each rare hybrid that has an s-hybrid and just went crazy, made a lvl 40 diplosuchus and Jalocephalus, and an army of lvl 20 and 10 Diplosuchus as i had a load of leftover…made a 40 Monostego and accidentally create an extra one in my fusing spree… now my account is probably the strongest lvl 65 account lol…)

and i’m just waitin for Indom to hatch… I have 45000 raptor s-Dna, yes, not cheating i did have that much…

yes both Ostapo and Gorgo are the best and most worth currently…

i agree with healthier Vips, and i have a lvl 40 mastodon as i don’t have Vip i can’t pay (or afford Metopo) now i’m broke in Vip points (still happy abt bucks tho lol.)


No, @Indoraptor08 is correct however Diplosuchus is actually very worth it…


That’s what I meant. Diplotator is garbo

Diplo is good… imo


That’s why I noted for starters it is worth it. But for end gamers or even mid gamers nah.

It is the only super rare pterosaur hybrid, meaning you won’t be able to bring arambourgiania in super rare only events. It’s also in the sweet zone at level 40 and gets me lots of wins in dominator while keeping my trophy score high.

I’m not saying it’s hard to get I’m saying that it’s not worth spending dna on when you can get indoraptors of higher strength of the same rarity which do not cost dna.

They are still 4k Ferocity below a max indoraptor which again does not cost dna. So the dna that you are saving why would you spend it on more weaker carnivores and how would that benefit your lineup?

We can go about this all day but the fact is the debate will be endless because different players are at different stages of the game, we can advise the younger park level players of the trials and errors we ourselves went through on building our parks and lineups.

From a collecting perspective yeah go crazy and make all the different hybrids regardless of their use, but the original question was what hybrids are seen worth their dna cost so I provided an answer based on lineup purposes and based on my own journey with the game.


What we don’t know (and most likely never will) is were your battles tough because it saw what was in your lineup or was it based on the amount of time you were at lvl 99. If I remember correctly they were getting progressively harder but I don’t remember at what interval and why or when they specifically started getting harder. So it could have been due to how long you have been 99, or with what it saw in your lineup that had been level restricted (like a lvl 1 or something and knowing it could be lvl 10), or some other reason like was your difficulty a fluke of the game or was it operating as expected? All this to say we don’t know for certain why the game does what it does but we have some good speculating.

My post was more of an off beat take of the OP question taking it to the extreme, partially because this game is so customizable to each players play style that really there are an infinite number of answers to the question.


“Worth it?” in this game is a very loaded question and going to vary quite a bit for every player and their game and their goals. As touched on a bit this game scales with you so you could easily just keep an army of lower level creatures and get along just fine. Lets assume you at least want to finish battle stage 99 and get easy dom finishes in tournaments. Well for that anything lvl 10 SR shybrids and lower are going to be all you ever need. So around 6100 ferocity and under, just about every creature in the game other than indoraptor falls into that criteria when they are somewhere between lvl 1 and lvl 40.

So with that being said Indoraptor is not worth it and is overall the worst decision anyone can make in their game as a “worth it” stand point. Adding indoraptor only perpetuates the need for stronger dino’s and generates way more catchup and or prior planning effort than is ever truly necessary. Simply adding indoraptor and you will then have to spend hundreds of thousands of DNA to balance the rest of your lineup with it to match… well unless you have an army of VIPs and sHyrbrids I suppose but I digress

Ok half kidding aside.

Everyones game is different and different dino’s are worth it for different players, a lot of it has to do with unlocks. If you are missing tournament dino’s then some options are not available for you and time has taught vet players that there are no guarantee’s in rotation…cough cough Pachyrhinosaurus… cough cough almost 2 years now. So sometimes you need to take advantage of what you can make when you can and not wait around for something better.

Any dino that has an sHybrid is worth it one way or another. I don’t suggest anyone buy 8 Diplotators when they can be won fairly regularly but if you are 1 or 2 shy from a lvl 40 for the Boss unlock and Diplosuchus unlock then spend that 4 -8k and get it done asap.

If you are going to ride out under 6k ferocity for quite some time a lot of the hybrids can prove to be useful one way or another but after you make that indoraptor ferocity jump you will leave a lot of them in the dust especially if they can not be utilized for class specific pve events. Also after you make a small army of indoraptors the need for other carno’s drops significantly.

Ok enough chit chat, my thoughts on hybrids if I had to make choices… and I have. When i picked up D2’s game i decided to pretty much only stock pile bare minimum hybrids that would grow into the start of late game, around Indoraptor lvl 1 range. Those are Segno, Metria, Indom G1, (for Indoraptor G1), Gorgo and Ostapo. shybrids and VIP’s fill the other gaps and fill them just fine up to and just past lvl 1 indoraptor. You would never need anything else if that was your only goal. Best bang for your buck quickest route to indoraptor. Throw Indom G2 into the mix if you want both indoraptors. If you are VIP and have VIP dino’s and shybrids coming out your ears then you probably wouldn’t even need some of the hybrids I suggested.

You could also probably take Ostapo out of the mix and just go for Gorgo but I have a personal vendetta against gorgo sooo yeah. Either way though you would have to have the unlocks for gorgo, Ostapo is easy to get so again that’s where it gets tricky, if you can’t make any of those I suggested then you will have to make something else, which would make other hybrids worth it for your game.

Side notes

Lvl 40 Limnorynchus are awesome for any common PvE, 3 of them can steam roll just about any event by themselves, 1 per round. As most of those PvE are always against carno’s and ptero’s and you can 1hk everything but still have enough health to tank several hits. It’s quick no brain fun.

Glythronax needs a buff or cost adjustment it’s laughably bad.

Also the hybrids get expensive, you are essentially paying a premium for that last little bit of performance you can squeak out. Like a lot of things, large gains are typically pretty quick, easy and cheap to get from a base model or from a baseline but once you have milked all the cheap performance out the last few percent of gains come at a premium and not easily. That’s why the best hyrbrids are so expensive. You are paying for that little bit of performance you can get from that creature when it surpasses other creatures that are cheaper, even if it’s just a little bit.

Of course there are poorly priced creatures, but Ludia gonna be Ludia.

Say his name with me Glythronax!!!


I use level 30 Pelicanipteryx myself, but yes.

I see some others that I use often on this list.

Granted, much of this is situational and does not apply to normal tournament runs or “hard PVE,” but still

Level 40 Diplotators make Mighty Money one of the easiest events of all time.

Level 30 Spinoraptors are essential to my run through upper Predator.

Gigankylocephalus at level 20/21 has become an essential part of my lineup. Any time I need a lead off Herbivore, this is my go to creature. Except for those times I really need the health and have to turn to Apatosaurus.

Combinations of Ophiacomimus and Pachyceratops are excellent in Rare-Only Events.

Tropeogopterus is the best Super-Rare Pterosaur. One day it will have to be unleashed against a nasty Metriorhynchus.

In the days before Spinotasuchus, Metrialong, Spinoraptor, and Supranotitan were the best options for super-rare carnivores.

One thing I keep preaching about is getting coverage for all sorts of restricted events (Class, Rarity, Level, combinations thereof). You newer players haven’t had to experience much of this before, especially on tournaments, but us veterans have. And had to adapt on the run. And what Ludia has done once, it can certainly do again.


I mAde this thread and it has become a debate …Is it worth getting suchioptres…the flying dragon one


Emm big no

Tru, Indoraptor lvl 40 is not worth it and you want an army of lvl 30s, 20s and 10s
so to close the gaps use things like Yudon and Pachygalo…

I would avoid getting sucho. At lvl 20 it is slightly weaker than a scaphognathus lvl 40 so I would say don’t get it unless you want it for collective purposes


Sad noises as Spinoraptor is worth it and I own Tropeogopterus and it’s worth it for me. :disappointed_relieved:


Hey, don’t panic. Everyone has their preferences and I agree with you. These two are easy to get and are worth it if you dont have Carno or Tape yet

In fact Spino is better than Carni by just a bit.


With a nearly 2000 Dna difference lol :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hmm, i mean spinota is very very strong. Prefer it over dime


Spino rah has nice attack

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