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Hybrids that are not worth your dna

I love attack guys. For me, Dimetrocarnus doesn’t give me a Jurassic feeling

However they will be useful once I start to max a full Troodon paddock, which will be soon…

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Ok, so my turn to decide what creatures are actually worth it. My list goes by this criteria(Important):
-Most, if not all, of hybrid components unlocked. (This was easier to do a few years back, and this list is coming from myself, a veteran)
-This list will mainly focus on the dna value of a creature(how well it’s stats stack up to others)
-I will avoid bias the best I can(I’m only missing 3 or 4 of the hybrids ingame)
-I am not taking Superhybrids into consideration
-I will be referencing only the max level stats

Pachyceratops: for 1700 dna more, you don’t get much more than Nundagosaurus. The only difference is that Pachyceratops is a herbivore. Still, I think it’s a bit overpriced. It is also important to mention that it is more worth the cost than some other creatures on the list

*Important to mention here, but Ophiacomimus is a bit more expensive than it should be. For the cost of a Carnoraptor, it has 800 less health, and ~100 less attack. Again, being a herbivore is a massive plus, and sort of makes up for this.

Parasaura and Giganocephalus: for 1000 and 2000 dna more, it’d be better to go with Pachyceratops (stats are only slightly worse), or make the jump to Stegoceratops.

Spinoraptor and Metrialong: For 1000 and 2000 dna more, just get Carnoraptor. The stats really don’t change much. Even Suprannotitan somewhat fits in here, but you could argue it’s a good stat jump from Carno.

Suchoripterus: being more or less isolated creature(no other pterosaur’s stats go too close to it), it can be hard to compare. But I can assure you, Tapejalosaurus is half the cost, and not too far down from it in terms of stats, so you’re probably better off with that.

Rajastega: not horrible, but I would recommend just going for Indomimus Rex instead. Probably worth spending the extra 3.5k dna.

Unayrhynchus: for 8k dna less, just go with Ankylodocus. You won’t loss much.

Allonogmius: comparing stats to Priotrodon and Erliphosaurus, the stats arn’t too horrible. However, I have 2 problems with it. First of all, Cerazinosaurus is so much better than it in terms of stats(definitely worth the few thousand extra dna). My second problem comes from the components; it costs 9k for a banogimus(being an aquatic, it is way more expensive than both a Prionosuchus and a Dimetrodon combined. Even more expensive than an Erliko).
*the second point only applies when unlocking it.

Erliphosaurus: while pretty decent, Cerazinosaurus is probably worth the 5k extra dna. The tradeoff is 500 health for 1300 attack

Glythronax: absolute trash. Almost 60k dna for something that’s worse than both Cerazinosaurus and Erliphosaurus. Do not get this, you’re paying a fortune when you could be saving 12-20k dna.

Pteraquetzal: overpriced for a health tank. Just get Zalmonodon or Metriaphodon instead, they’ll help you out a lot more.

Scorpius Rex: I would advise either getting Cerazinosaurus(30k+ cheaper, only slightly worse), or Yudon(slightly cheaper, better)

Chromaspinus: It’s more expensive, has worse stats than, and the components cost more than Yudon. When it came out, I though it was going to be better than Yudon, but I was kinda let down.

I know I probably missed a few, but this took way too long to make. You could argue that Indomimus is worse than Indomimus G2, but I won’t go down that road. Anyway, that’s my list. Again, if you’re confused, read the criteria at the top of this post.


It’s the only ptero tank so for me it’s worth it to get. It’s cheaper than the zalm too. I’d rather have an army of ptera + metria


I don’t think a lot of players here are really looking at the creatures in the game the right way.

The game’s been making huge strides in balancing the creatures available, but carnivores still largely outnumber the other three classes, and they tend to be the strongest of each rarity. Because the game’s event AI does not discern the difference in strength between a Rajastega and an Indominus Rex, or a Yudon and a Pachygalosaurus, and instead just pits you against creatures that are usually, relatively, just above the average ferocity of your top creatures. And it just assumes those creatures are always available, hence why each battle has event creatures that are roughly around the same stats as the ones in the previous battle, rather than taking in your creatures cooldown times into account and adjusting to the ones that actually are available. The problem therein arises that in order to really complete these events, you would have to buy back your strongest creatures, which costs a lot of dino bucks for the higher rarities, which is just not feasible in the long term.

In my opinion, the best way to get around that 9 times out of 10 is simply max everything out, but do it relatively slowly. Getting stronger creatures to level 40 means you’re going to start having huge power gaps that can’t be filled easily; for reference, among the Legendary Hybrids, Indominus Rex at level 40 has about 5,400 ish health and 2,000 ish attack. Suchoriptus, Unayrhynchus, and Koolasaurus all have a paltry 1100-1500 attack, and Unayrhynchus is the only one with over 4,000 health among those 3.

That’s…kind of a pretty big difference in stats, regardless of type advantage, but as I’ve stated, the game’s just going to assume you will always have a lvl 40 Indominus available all the time, so even though it does base the enemy AI off of the average ferocity of your top creatures, it will tend to take the stronger creatures into greater consideration.

Ergo, Rajastega might be considered “not worth it” to some players because it’s weaker than Indominus Rex, but it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that Rajastega neatly and nicely fills in the power gap between Indominus and the other Legendary Hybrids, so that while your Indominus is on a cooldown, you don’t have to buy it back and can instead call on a creature that might be slightly weaker, but can absolutely still handle the fight.

That logic therefore can still apply to Priotrodon, Glypthornax, Allonogmius, Indom Gen 2, Chromaspinus, Cerazino, Yudon, Pachygalo, Scorpios, the Indoraptors, and etc. for the other types (and other superhybrids!).

While you should go for the cheaper ones first, of course, don’t throw the others to the wayside. Because again, since the game’s going to base most of the battles off of the average ferocity of your top creatures, and not take into consideration their actual stats and cooldown status, it’s honestly more advantageous to have everything at level 40, so you can keep doing events without having to waste bucks.

And besides, anything with 5000 health or more actually can take on the 15k health and 6k monsters the game will eventually start throwing at you, but you do have to pay attention and know what you’re doing to really pull it off :rofl:


Most of the carnivores you have suggested here are not worth it because of their cooldown at max level, indo g1 is the way to go and a lot of them, at 10 they are stronger than rajastega and indom but only have a day cooldown. You can fill up a paddock of them and therefore have no need for any other carnivore.


Adding to what @Aether_12 said, I believe it’s been said before, but you can get Rajastega through modded PVP, that’s why it’s not worth your DNA (unless you’re really in a rush). I stopped paying DNA for him, Spinoraptor, and Diplotator once I figured I can get them through modded PVP. I have a pretty good amount of them now and haven’t paid for most of them. I may have paid for some at the beginning just to get to their S-Hybrids, but not after that. Also, like others have said, many rare hybrids can be accumulated from Custom coin trades.


Metrialong is just carnoraptor but it costs 1k more dna


It is true, but if boosted and at max may get you 100K coins every 30 mins. Might get him maxed soon if I have not much goals, for now Dilopho is my coin tank with a 100,000 coins every 30 mins


They aren’t going to fix it until Update 57.

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Oh now i understand. PersonalIy i still wouldn’t max because i already get a lot of coin from my dinos. But it’s worth it if you want more coins.

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