Hybrids that would look dumb if you had it your way

You have an opportunity to make a hybrid and design it. What would be the dumbest looking hybrids?

hard to top megalogaia. (more or less unimaginative than dumb)
but on the flip side of that… do it with miragaia base model, give it fur and giant antlers.

that’s the only one i can think of atm.


I can top that…

Dilophoboa - lets just add frills and two crest that’s innovation

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I actually like that chunky deer though.

Not sure if dumbest or best design but… procerathomimus + diplocaulus G2 = Santacalus. Ludia, make it happen!
Red chicken with white belly and green feather arms and tail tuft! Maybe give it a tiny fluffy beard under the beak too.

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Apatomammoth - a giant furry sauropod with a huge trunk.

Indoraptor plus Indoraptor G2 equals Indoraptor G3

All i can immagine is a really neat koi fish pattern with all 4 colors.

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ok. now i have a drawing assignment.