Hi guys,
Are there any urgency or competitiveness to fuse hybrids soonest? Hybrid like gorgosuchus ( gorgosaurus+karprosaurus) have actual stats drop but only inherit some of parents skill & gain rampage x2 dmg.
It will also be painfully slow then to level up hybrids.
As players can’t undo fusions, isn’t it better if I were to just level gorgosaurus as much in the first place? Really cant see the usefulness of hybrids, are they more for trophy achievement collections.


I’d like to see a higher minimum in hybrid dna when combining. Instead of 10 being the minimum make it 25 and change the increment to 25 as well but put a max of 125 for the boost.
25 - 60% occurrence
50 - 25% occurrence
75 - 14% occurrence
100 - 0.99 occurrence
125 - 0.01% occurrence
Using 100 dna from 2 sources and getting a boost of 10 just feel disappointing. Sooooo much effort for essentially no reward when the current level requires 30 times that.