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HybridSquad 5/4 Alliance. Recruiting

The Awesomely Fantastic and Infamous HybridSquad has found itself with two spaces. Be the first to snap them up!!
Consistently getting rank 5 exploration and rank 4 defense since the beginning. Highly active alliance. We are international so there is always someone online. Great banter, strategy talk, friendly battles and help achieving dino fuses. Currently have an active level 20 sanctuary shared with another two alliances. With the plan to create another one.

We ask you to be active, dart everything you can, help with missions, donate if and when you can, join our Facebook group and join in the mayhem. Interaction in the chat is a requirement. Preferably trophies 4000 and over. Please note we do track your activity.
We may not have a Lythronax in our basement but we kick ass!!

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