Hydra Boa is absolute trash

This thing is absolute garbage and needs a serious buff, it will almost lose to everything in this meta, no immunities or anything, very disappointing.


I also think that it needs a buff… Did you just unlocked it??

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I assure you… Hydra Boa is FAR from trash.


The new apexs will feel lackluster mainly because of their level. But when they are 28+ they should perform better in the arena.




How so? I dont understand how it is.

Everyone said Mortem and Lux were trash when they were first unlocked at level 26, too.


I think that On Escape move alone makes it useful, especially in a game where everyone uses swap in monsters constantly. Plus, a basic instant nullifying move will prove very useful against things like Indotaurus.


It should get a buff but it is FAR from trash


I think a slight attack buff would do good


is raid boss stats right?

stats from this playable seems to have nothing to do with boss, like it was a complete different creature.

by the way, that instant 2-round 40% bleed seems powerful even with delay. :eyes:

is “fabled fangs” description wrong, or icon? it says “attack 1725”, shouldn’t it be “precise attack 1725”?

and “alert deception” may be a counter atrack, although description doesn’t say this too.

I’ve only faced it one time and i can say it’s far away from being weak. It is one of the more balanced apex. Only thing it needs is a health and damage buff


when this creature was announced i thought with the name “hydra” it would have multiple heads, or some healing effect. cut une head after an attack and another comes, lol.

hey didn’t realize that, the animations doesn’t get hurt over time in jwa. could be a nice plus, creature is getting visually damaged after each round (and fixed after a heal for example).

Actually it does have a passive healing move when opp tries to switch out.


ok this is a moment

Hydra boa is not trash if it had such high attack it would be broken
it literally has slippery alert which is literally cleansing ferocious distracting dodge
It has an attack increasing counter and is moderately fast
It has an on escape healing rampage and instant precise wounding impact which does 0.4 dot aka (fabled fangs) Extremely good hp and has armor

its resistances are also somewhat decent


The same is true of Uniques as well. A level 21 Unique is an easy kill for a decent Legendary or even Epic.

Acquiring them is half the battle. Leveling them up is even harder. And it should be.

some of my lvl 21 uniques are performing as others at lvl 26.
mainly skoonasaurus, phorurex, testacornibus…


I wonder why that is🤔

checking top 20 players teams… about 4 of them are using some apex creature.

notably idgt902, known for always using at least one unexpected dino, and the 2nd player.

rolling down i found one or two players using a mortem or another, and that’s it.

full unique teams.

and yes, they DO have apexes at lvl 30.


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