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Hydra boa should be shiny

In Hydra boas icon it’s scales are shinning and look metallic. Even in the loading screen hydra boa looks shiny (Though it could just be wet). In the actual game it looks dull and just like a different coloured titanoboa. All the other apexes have something different about their appearance compared to there real world counterparts.

  1. Mortem has Godzilla like plates on its back.
  2. Hadros has a glowing blue crest and a spinosaurid like sale.
  3. Magnus is covered in glowing blue fur.
  4. Trebax has snow or frost smoke coming off of it.
  5. Refrenantem and Haast Maximus glow orange.

While Hydra boa just looks like a titanoboa covered in blue paint. Hydra boa scales count as armor and looks metal, similar to Smilonemys armor which shines a bit (at least I think). Overall, I really don’t like how hydra boa looks in the actual game compared to how it looks in its icon and in the loading screen. That being said, it has yet to even be released and its design might change once its officially released into the game.

I think hydra boa should fit it’s name, be given 3 heads


they are not gonna do it, we still have the Scorpius G3 without horns so seems like they’re not gonna do another model change like they did with Suchomimus

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