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Hydra Boa Win and Strategy

I went through a lot of the raid strategy’s on this guy and found one that worked with what creatures I had available. I found a strategy with Mortem Rex and replaced it with Thor and managed to win. Below is the adjusted strategy. This would be for those who don’t have Mortem but have a well damage boosted Thor.

This one will be good for alliances helping a lower player (18) who can at least get a Monolorhino. No need for Mono to be boosted. I used a level 24 Ardentismaxima (no boosts) which I can tell is the lowest that would survive without health boosts taking there is no critical from the Hydra.

The minions have to be able to be taken out on the first turn of each round or you’ll have to turn around and boost damage on Thor or Ardentis. These two need the damage power to take out the minions alone in round 2.

This is my 1st win. I tried last week but failed.

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Boa is beatable with Mortem, Skoona, Tuora, and Monolorhino. Just make sure both big mortem and skoona are applied, and hopefully Mortem is faster than Skoona. Both big skoona and mortem can apply if you can balance the damage output

Easily done in 5 turns with gorgotrebax, entelochops, geminititan and tenontorex. Entelochops can be level 15 unboosted.

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but needs big gemini. only lucky if one of your alliance members has it

I don’t have Gorgotrebax yet but I may be able to make an altered strategy out of this. I’ll save this away for February or later when I do get Gorgo. I’m going to have level 30 Thor’s on 3 accounts here shortly which makes juggling to have the right creatures from the 4 accounts easier. My highest Indo G2 is 25. I’m not sure what level I could bring it to on other accounts if needed. Any shorter strategies are welcome to at least try. I don’t always have the creatures to do them or I do but not the right stats. I also don’t want to be speeding things up and ruin other working strategies.

thor for raids in my opinion needs 123 speed 2900+ damage and some health makes it perfect for all raids except andrewtops but that raid is stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

the key to both of those is the 123 speed thor

I find this to be one of the easiest, even though it’s obviously outdated, but it still works even with Mortem’s new Roar and Dilo’s Cunning Rampage. It’s actually three turns per round, but I wasn’t sure on the damage output during rounds 2 and 3, so that’s why it shows up as 4 turns here as a “just to be safe” policy.

The only Minion that matters is the Majunga, since it Taunts, so it has to be offed early. Whether or not the Baryonyx lives or dies has no bearing on the strat in the slightest.

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Adding another modified Thor strat. This is our alliance go-to.

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Hands down the best strategy. Geminititan and tenontorex need to be boosted of course.

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Hands on, where’s the stats of the Creatures? Random? :joy:

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Level 30 geminititan 2k damage level 30 tenontorex 3k damage works. Tenontorex has to be slower than geminititan. Gorgotrebax needs a couple of speed boosts if I remember correctly.

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This one is better.

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For lower lvl player.

This next week if Hydra is in range, I’ll give this one a try. It’s 2 turns shorter than the one I’m using and I have all the creatures for it. Anything to make this daily routine quicker.

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It may not work as Skoona doesn’t have the instant distraction move anymore.

This strategy still works well :slight_smile: