Hydra boa's slippery alert acting as a priority move when it is NOT and going before other priority moves

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Bug Description: I played against a hydra boa, I had Mortem and I used my priority move and opponent chose slippery alert. My priority move should have gone BEFORE slippery alert because slippery alert is not listed in the description as being priority, and yet it is going before other priority moves (it didn’t even use arrows when it acted as a priority move). I would have won the round, but the game is bugges, and this makes boa too powerful.

Area is was found in: PvP arenas

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- someone draws hydra boa and uses slippery alert, another person draws another creature that is slightly slower but chooses a priority move
Step 2 - Boa’s slippery alert which is NOT a priority move goes BEFORE the opponents priority move
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: all the time

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7 but completely irrelevant

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Was Hydra below 50% health?

The key word to look for in these singular abilities with 2 “states” is alert


Boa’s slipery alert is priority below 50% so if he was faster and down on health that wasn’t a bug.

I don’t think “Slippery Alert” (SA) becomes a priority move, when boa is below 50% of HP (threatened).
The only difference between Secure(S) & Threatened(T) state is - Dodge (S has 50%, T has 70%). Every other aspect of SA stays some for S & T.

No priority in SA.

slippery alert has priority when in a threatened state but the description does not say so, it has been like that since hydra boa was released…

same for critical ambush for scorpios rex gen 3, the swap in behaves as if there is a priority, yet the description doesn’t say so and this has been like that since release and many people have pointed that out yet nothing has been fixed…


Was reported, and @Ned forwarded it to the team, fat lot of good that did.


Oh, thanks for the info.
Boa is one of the main creature i use regularly, but i haven’t used Slippery alert when in threatened state.
Good to know this & only Ludia can say whether it’s intended or a bug.

It says nothing in the description about it being priority below 50%

there is nothing in the description about it being priority in a threatened state. I think it is a bug in either the description or in the move itself. I hope it is a bug in the move because that is very op if not.

yeah I think it’s a bug in the move itself. Hydra has so many priority moves (almost every move is which is kinda crazy…), the coding probably got massively messed up in the process of programming boa lol

It doesn’t, but that’s how it’s been. Heck even the boss does that.

Hey everyone! Hydra boa is not supposed to have priority on either of its states, if you are experiencing this please write to support at support+alive@ludia.com so we can investigate further.

Thank you! :snake:

Please let it keep priority on threaten state. :sweat_smile: :pray:


The field guide has it written down unlike in game