Hydraboa Boss Missing In Map

Hydraboa Apex Boss Totally Missing In Map Please Fix The Issue. Not I See The Apex Today In My Map.

It’s there. It might still be night in your timezone. I can’t remember if it spawns at dawn or when it switches from dawn to day in the game.

My time zone is sunday evening. Every time morning Apexes In Map But Today Not i see Hydraboa In Everywhere in map

On super rare occasions it is possible that they are so spread out that they just happen to all be out of range of site from your stand point. I had that happen once to me. Once went out walking in some direction a little ways, the raid Apex appeared on the horizon. It was Hydra Boa for me too.

Since I do these raids alone with 4 accounts, after I grabbed the raid, I had to walk fast so I could get back home before the lobby timed out. I’m not sure the time exactly but I’m thinking the lobby holds for 10 minutes before timing out.

Thank You For Advice To Me. No problem i completed Hydraboa raid with another person lobby.

15 minutes. If you run out of time, start the raids and forfeit. You then have 15 more minutes.