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Hydraboa strats!

So with the new hydraboa, what strats have worked? I am curious to see what everyone has used or is going to use? I got one (thanks @yoshi7)

That could work.

It’s what I used.

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thats one

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thast 2 after doing 40 of these yesterday i,m pretty sure one what works :stuck_out_tongue:

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got them mixed up this goes with this

ok after doing thsi oen a couple of time more so 43 boas…i,m not a big fan…it works better with gemini(remove cloak) and use rhinos taunt shield roaund 2 turn 3

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I think with 2.9 otw that this one will be one that stays the same. But THANK YOU!! @tarot08 huge help and definitely going to see about using some.

Does the tryo have to have 4000+ hp? Or is that just to be safe?

any dino in this raid needs 4k or more that snake hits like snake plissken :stuck_out_tongue: also for the tryo one gemi or max should work if you dont have a big skooni it only uses distract at the end and by then the snake is luggage

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Ok sweet, there’s a couple people in my alliance who have a big ardentis/Gemini!

Check this out. The strategy works allright but I’m not quite sure on the minimum requirements yet.
I’ll keep it updated at

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if you are running this strat post apocolyps…err …update things you should know, max needs to do reielnt hit turn 2 round 2 and 3 to remove the cloak and round 3 turn 3 touro should do a speed up to get the shield in front of the big poison hit or youwill loose mortie

updated version for after the upnerf…err update this is in case you dont do round 2 in one turn

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