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This new Apex Hydraboa is going to look so awesome once we finally see it in the game. The colors on it look great. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hate raids as well as doing them. This will be a interesting one to see.


I love it!

Going on team no matter what.

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Its stats are up on the Field Gude and it is looking very very solid, good stats and surprisingly, listed as a wildcard even though its a cunning in the patch notes

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I’m glad if that’s true for the game, Wildcard is far more accurate for it. Unfortunately, it seems like most of the 2.8 dinos were called wildcards in the app, even though they’re not in the account game, so it may just be an error in the app itself.


I’d hope it is just a mistake, its combination of stats and moves makes for a very out of place cunning. Hope it looks better in game as well, its portrait is really kind of derpy looking, beady eyes and gigantic gums.

It looks amazing

that creature icon is the stuff of nightmares. they couldve sone a different image.

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I am obligated to getting this thing, it looks stunning, and I love the fact that its scales are similar to that of a white lipped python, like some such as myself hoped a snake apex would have a while back ago


Oh yeah, this snake is incredible, can’t wait to see it in action when the raid comes out. Beautiful design too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: this will definitely be a worthy replacement for my Spinoconstrictor

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this saddens me yet its understandable lol

I’m definitely running both if I ever get the chance


Yeah, I’ve struggled keeping my Spinoconstrictor on my team this long… everything in library destroys it (especially after I unboosted it during the shuffle ._.) As much as I love it, it can’t stay on my team forever :sob:

Still in favor of them buffing Spinoconstrictor though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Um yeah wouldn’t recommend it unless you just want to for fun

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Yeah its just for fun, I can see having boa would actually work, constrictor usually worked out for me so having both would be interesting, and I mainly have one on my team because I love it

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Oh no I was talking about boa no constrictor

ah, thought you were speaking of I since I one of the weakest uniques, sorry about that lol

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Well now can go along side boa as the weakest apex, well I still need to test the eagle and ref more but snake is definitely not as good as the other apexes.

Poor snakes, Ludia really doesn’t like them :cry:

Haast Max is going to be very good. It deals with chomp & swap better than Bax, and even outside of chomp & swap, Fearless Flap grants it better defenses & a priority rampage is pretty huge since you can still take a nice chunk off any Resilients even if you’re slowed, which Bax can’t really do. Its stat spread is also much better than Bax, entirely because of the speed. Bax has better T1 damage and resistances, but because of the other advantages HMax has in its kit, I don’t think those will cut the difference in most situations.


it looks like gemini a bit

I tested hydra boa against Cera and hadros to see how it can deal with those two and what i got is :

Boa vs Cera draw
Boa vs hadros draw :smile:

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