Hynecoprion Stats and Evolutions

Hello friends!! This one took me a little bit of time, so apologies if anybody was on the edge of their seats waiting for this post.

Welp, without further adieu here are all of Hynecoprion’s evolutions:

Here are Hynecoprion’s stats at Levels 10/20/30/40:

And as always, here is this maxed out creature in photo mode:

What do you guys and gals think of this one?? I like it, but phew! All of these expensive hybrids have been setting me back in :dna: DNA :dna: a good bit.


Its a very good hybrid actually. Recommend it over Liosichtodon.

And no worries mate, take your time to max these creatures, don’t rush


I really like this fish design and have respect for its stats too, ran into it alot on the AI side in the Aquatic tournament. Working on its compnentss the moment, looks like a level 15 would be about right for my Aquatic park. Thanks for showing us these.