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Hype hybrids!


We finally got some information!! And it looks amazing! I really want the ornithomimus hybrid!!! Looks really promising!!!

Still most exited for the koola hybrid… THE DERPS OF DOOM!

BTW great work ludia! You will soon make almost all people happy who play the game!


People posted it already yesterday … at least two posts …

Also, honestly speaking, without the problems fixed in the game, I doubt it “will make almost all people happy who play the game” …


Nevertheless its a step forward. They gave us a hint.


Last time they gave us hints as well …

Also, after 4 or 5 days of the first hint, the 1.5 patch note was released …

This time my guess is next week. In order to properly procrastinate, they have to give more hints day by day … well I mean I prefer last time, less waiting and I wouldn’t call it “a step forward”.


Really, I don‘t remember any shown hybrids with identified component dinosaurs. :thinking:


I said hint, not similar hints, not component hints. They did show us scans of new hybridys last time so people could easily guess.

It didn’t take them long to release the note last time so there was no need to give more hints. I explained why this time they have to.


Just being positive, thats all :grinning:


Next week should be the fast event… we will most likely get patch notes during the weekend of 2-1… pvp season ends on monday 2-4… which leaves tuesday for patch day which is normally the day they drop updates.

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If you look back to 1.5 on their twitter, they had a teaser friday, the tuesday after, thursday and the patchnote were revealed on friday. Seems like the exact same case here, so 2 days left to know everything abouth 1.6. Hyped af.


This is not a step forward, this is maybe a foot being crept a fraction of an inch forward. These new dino releases every update are just confetti and sparklers designed to distract from the fact that this will be yet another update where major bugs and issues with the game are not addressed, but people are tricked into thinking the game is progressing because of the ‘new content’


Exactly, imo we are extremely close to the patch notes


Why so negative? The game has its flaws, i gotta admit… but Ludia is really trying to make something good out of this…


While the bugs must be fixed, i think you guys are pretending a bit too much for a mobile game.


Super excited can’t wait!! Excited to see those new flyers too!


I dont think they will drop notes during tournament for obvious reasons.
slso, info on 2 epics that will never make your team, just getting the hype train rollin…


The only thing Ludia is trying to ‘make out of this’ is a quick buck. You just need to look at their track record. Profit is all they care about. If they cared about the players do you think we’d have had the same bugs for the last 3 months with no fixes despite the continued release of ‘updates’?


So a mobile game cant be held to any kind of standards? Sure it may never match a console game or whatever, but asking for the developers to give a care and actually try to keep the game from being buggier than a florida swamp or unbalanced as hell isn’t too much surely.


Obviously bugs must be fixed, they can’t keep the game in buggy state just because its a mobile game, but i frequently see people asking a bit too for a mobile game, clearly this is not the case.