Hype Train for 2.10

I wish for whales to come in the game sometime after the release the aquatics

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Would be cool indeed

Fix ‘Failure status’ for raids - utter disgrace…

Nerf the deer - total game breaker and has sucked out any lingering joy from the PvP arena…

Boost shuffle for any major changes in game mechanics and / or multiple changed to existing dinosaur…

To be brutally honest anyone that commissioned the above should be replaced. Awful awful update rolled out in a truly embarrassing manner.


We are getting 3 new uniques so I hope they are the 3 top uniques from that poll we had a while back. For creature changes I would prefer Hadros to regain the ability to decelerate, and would want its attack nerfed by a little bit. would want mortem to go back to the way it was before 2.9 with some possible hp buffs. I would want tenoto to gain superiority strike, and tryko to get a medium decelerating counter.

Same but that will not happen for this update. No new creatures will be introduced. Just hybrids

Carbonemys doesn’t need a buff, he is already good!!


But actually, I would like to see incubators specifically for coin, cash, or FIP items. Also, they need to change up the booster strikes, and have them change for each level, or each time. It would be cool to fight a boosted Thor for the level 20 attack booster incubator. And, more chances of getting FIP items. And aquatics, if Ludia can find a good way to put them in. And more Cenozoic + dinosaur hybrids. And a hybrid for Alloraptor, Procerat(yoshi), Dimodact, and Alankylo(which will happen eventually)

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I speak of Smilonemys lol