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Hyperhybrids and a new tier of evolution

Hyperhybrids are a new type of hybrid that is created by fusing a super hybrid with a normal dino. If this were to come to the game then technically a new rarity or tier of dinosaur would have to be created. I picture this tier of dinosaur to be purple and probably called either mystic, supreme, or prime and mabye even primal. This sounds like a cool addition to the game so present your ideas freely.


Rarity: Epic
Animations: Boas

Genetic make-up

  • Scaphotator - Lv 15
  • Titanoboa - Lv 15


  • Health: 3500
  • Attack: 1100
  • Speed: 113
  • Armor: 0%
  • Crit: 20%


  • Nullifying strike
  • Distracting rampage
  • Precise rampage
  • Regeneration
  • On escape rampage
  • Immune to distraction

So basically you want to mix Geminititan and Wolly Mammoth into it having PFS and decelerating rampage and keeping the damage of 1400? No thank you.

I was thinking if some creatures would skip right to unique then their superhybrid would be one rarity higher than unique. But i think it would be too exclusive.

I always thought that on ludia’s 4th or 5th year, then by then they would make a rarity either called manificent or ultimate. I thought it would take this long because no one would have it except the best, meaning it would seem even more impossible to them. At this point because they added boosts, I don’t even know if it will last as much as I say it. It had way more potential than any of their jurassic games but they threw it the trash to make money.
I mean who even does that. 1 million dollars in one year isn’t as much money as 300,000 per year for 4. You have to think long and not short term.

Do you want hyperhrbrids added to JW Alive?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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