Hypothetical(indo2 and procerathomimus)

What ever nerf you give to indo gen2 procerathomimus gets a buff related to it and vice versa
Ex: indo2 loses evasion to cautious strike, procerathomimus gains evasion to nullifying strike
How do you balance the 2 out?
Also here’s a chart to help you with balancing
Cautious strike=Nullifying strike
Mutual fury=instant distraction
Defense shattering rampage=distracting rampage
Evasive stance=Evasive stance
Good luck

Have cautious strike loose the cleanse, speedup, and can hit precisely and have procerathomimus have the cleanse, speedup, and hit precisely to her nullifying strike.

Have instant distraction loose it’s priority and give MF priority

Have procerathomimus get distracting impact for distracting rampage and indo g2 can get precise shattering rampage for DSR

Interesting concept. Boosts would ruin it regardless

Mutual Fury with Priority would only be usable against opponents with priority moves. Indo G2 won’t like being Decelerated anymore.

Indo G2 with PSR would be the same as Definite Rampage when it comes to counters, so no.

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Mutual fury with priority is quite useless and self destructive to be honest. Unless that was your intention?

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Most of the dinos now are boosted to the point where even mutual fury won’t get your speed up to be faster, depending on its speed. Now if you combine cautious strike and mutual fury’s speed increases combined, that would be one thing.

that’s the point @Qaw and @Isaah_Wii… make one of indo g2’s moves useless :smiling_imp:

Oh my, how merciless of you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

She deserves to suffer for all the damage she had caused! Burn! Burn in fire white indo!

Indo gen2: :frog: imma head out

:smiling_imp:! Geminititan:
Anybody need me?

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I was thinking more of 2.5 defense shattering but that’s also cool