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Hypothetical question

If you could swap an existing character for an unreleased one who would it be

None. Now Fei’s been released, none of the currently known unreleased characters really interest me that much.



Maybe Julien and William for Cain?

Er… no. I wouldn’t want to switch anyone. I just want the unmatchables (ALL of them) and their stories.

I’d swap Kelsey for Marco/Hugo, Cain and Ian for Sheng/Tomas and Stefan/Oliver. And I’d take Pamela over Michael/Sam

Susan for Pam
Rose for Kelsey

I’d take Skye for Adam anytime
Matteo for Wyatt
Patrick for William
I don’t really like Hugo and Tiros’ stories but at this point too curious to know how it’s gonna end

I find Blake’s story pretty boring and his date sprite goofy looking, so I’d probably switch him for Gabe. Or I’d switch the 50 Shades guy for pretty much anyone.

Ugh, how could I forget about Gabe and Kev Miller? I’d totally sacrifice Blake for one of them.
And I have a funny feeling about Brett (an astronaut guy). Their face somehow reminds me of my Grandpa :grimacing: I really like their story but everytime they flirt with my mc I just have these mixed feelings.

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I feel the same way about Brett. I really find their story intriguing, but that face… :grimacing: They don’t look like my grandpa! :joy: But they just give me weird vibes. There’s a very wholesome-classic-sitcom-parent look about them.

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You did Blake dirrrrty :grin::pleading_face: i actually miss him alot!
I would trade Tiros and Franz for Cain, or that other guy who has a wedding ring (really curious about the story)

I didn’t know there was a wedding ring guy!

Cain seems pretty popular here. He kind of reminds me of a stage magician. :sweat_smile:

Ash Evans, right?
Ohh, I totally forgot another guy I’m not into. So I’m willing to trade the Korean pop-idol guy for João Becker.
And I kinda confused Blake with the 50 shades Black guy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Blake’s counterpart Keanu is fine, so I’m ready to trade Black/Silver for Gabe or Kev

I’d also gladly give up the ghost lady for Skye