Hypothetical Scenario - People running out of DNA to donate

Hi All,

I am noticing a trend in my Alliance and am wondering if anyone else is noticing this in theirs. At first, donating was fun and very helpful for everyone. DNA and Coins being traded for everyone to enjoy.

The underlying issue…for the most part, I am noticing the same creatures are being requested over and over. People are running out of DNA to give and people might be jumping ship because no DNA flow is happening, not because we’re not donating, but because we can’t.

Eventually, no one is going to want to donate because they can’t or because they can’t progress their own team because everyone needs the same creature. I throw Gigasaurus DNA at my members like candy, but I can no longer afford to donate Rex Gen 2 and people are requesting Rex Gen 2 more and more.

How are we supposed to keep people from Alliance hopping to find a guild that meets their temporary needs? As of right now, that’s the ONLY reason to be in (or leaving) of an Alliance.



I know people in our alliance are actively darting dinos they know other people need. Irritator is the only one that doesn’t get fulfilled regularly because it’s arena exclusive. But I know I will go out of my way to dart something I know someone needs a lot of to try and help out. So we haven’t “run out” yet. You just need to communicate with alliance members on what you need and help each other out as you can.


Rex G2 is easily the most requested DNA in my guild, and the requests just keep on coming too.

With the way Ludia launched alliances, with no tools for the leader, such as donation statistics, etc etc, its hard to tell who is donating unless it’s your request.

When guilds first launched, everyone was getting full bars of DNA. Now those same bars are down to half full a lot of the times.


We do, but we cannot simply keep up with demand. This is likely due to migration zones and just unlucky member distribution to what is needed (hence it’s needed) lol.

We donate tens of thousands of DNA per day, but only Commons. Rares are becoming very, very scared. A few high-demand commons are tough too, like Dilo Gen 2, Draco Gen2, etc.


Your point is a valid one. There are dinos that are much more frequently requested (draco 1/2, Kapro, Utah, Rex 2, diloph 1 and the list goes on…)

I know as an active donor… my supply has dwindled at a rate greater than it can be replenished*. @Piere87 suggested a great strategy and that’s to communicate with your team What you need so hopefully others can dart for you.

Another suggestion for team members is to rotate the Dinos you request and be patient. I know everyone wants to level and fuse hybrids “right now” but this isn’t sustainable.

Also, if members sees someone’s request for a Dino that hasn’t been filled yet, it may not be the best choice to make another request for that same Dino.

Just a few solutions and points I wanted to share with my team and yours. Good luck!

*team work helps rectify this


I’d like to point out that a Moderator Liked the thread. So hopefully this means that this is something they’re aware of. HA!


One of my sons suggested the same thing. Rotate what you ask for.


I follow that. I don’t see the same dino being requested by different people, it’s the opposite. The same person is requesting the same dino over and over, but we can barely get 25% of the bar filled if it’s a rare.

My Alliance has been amazing. I come out with almost 1800 Tarbosaurus DNA per request and I pump as much DNA back as i can, but people will eventually run out. The zones, the Incubator RNG, the weekly deals and stuff are all negative factors. We donate if we can get lucky enough to. I feel like we’re donating organs and trying to get lucky enough to be able to give/receive one.


I am not speaking in terms of myself. I am always coming out with full requested DNA meters. It’s the fact that my other members don’t that’s frustrating. I can’t give what I don’t have and they won’t request what they don’t need.


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Can someone tell me what a gigasaurus is?

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Maybe a cooldown on specific dinos or not allowing someone to ask for the same dino twice would help.

A thousand megasaurs


Legit though, is this a Dino I don’t know about :joy:

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the members that are lacking spawns for certain dinos ars the ones who truly benefit from this. its a good cycle as long as ppl dont get lazy and stop darting.


Totally right dude!
Lol, I just dart whatever I can now


Giga is yet to be added!

I think he meant amargasaurus

Would be nice if they would add some kind of global marketplace where we could buy or sell DNA, ala-cart.

Need 55 more DNA of Rex G2 for a fuse? Go to market and buy 55 Rex G2 DNA with coins. Got 87,654 DNA for Barry G2? Go to market and sell some for coins.

Another idea to help motivate people to donate to others reqiests…

Maybe Ludia could “refund” totaly random DNA to equal 25% of the amount of DNA that you donated, back to you after your donation?

This might get people more motivated to donate or get out and dart, to donate.


1.21 gigasaurs!?!?!

Image result for doc brown gigawatts


(Insert hypothetical Dino here)

Anyone else with possible solutions to OPs issue? This is something every alliance is going to face sooner or later