Hypothetical Scenario - People running out of DNA to donate


All depends on alliance member squads, but in Alliance I am in most people wanting the same things, so a shortage of in demand stuff like kapro, draco (both), Rex2 etc.
I dont bother asking for DNA everyone wants as virtually nobody has any spare. As an L3 player it reinforces how bad the zone is - very rare anyone requests something I have lots of (e.g. nobody wants green newts!)


No, but they do want our Tuojiango which I’m happy to share… and I get DNA from other zones in return.


Let alone that now we can donate Dna also for people not in our alliance, so the DNA stock will be finished in less than two days! :rofl:


Spawn rates seem to have gone in the crapper, as well. I think this is a contributing factor. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dialed back available wild DNA in anticipation of an increase in traded DNA


Well said Arvid. But to be honest should have I expected that only the dna I strongly coveted would be for sale?


Agreed, I’ve been seeing so many Kaprosuchus and Irritator requests since day one. People are also jumping ship because they think their alliance is selfish, which can be fixed just by having a feature to show # of donations. Ludia has made it hard to distinguish leechers vs team players, as we can only see who donated to us on each request, and not the whole picture.


I need to update my comments on this.

I have joined my first Alliance and made donations. I was mistakenly under the impression that one person could donate the ‘max’ to another person. Meaning one person could donate the full amount someone was requesting or any portion of it. If someone requested 1,000 DNA I would be able to donate 100, 400 or 1,000 towards their request. I was incorrect in that assumption.

I am only allowed to donate 4 or 5 times a small amount for each request. It looks like much less than one darting session worth of DNA.

For someone to run out of a certain requested DNA they would have to be donating to everyone who requested it and people would have to be requesting it constantly.

I also see folks requesting Rare fused DNA, such as SuchoTator, Diplo and all. I know they figure this saves them doing the fusing, but these requests go basically unfilled. Requesting the base ingredients would be more productive, but less attractive to the person requesting them of course.

I set my donation abilities on the Dino’s that I have in abundance. I will not trade any that I do not see in abundance nor will I dump Arena exclusive DNA. Even though they may get many requests, I am not going to part with them. If I did have a rare that I dart constantly I would be more than willing to part with some of it. I am not going to donate all my supply of any Dino DNA to anyone though, sorry.

That said, I do have several Dino’s that are in high demand as I hunt L4 Park exclusively. My whole hunting ground is a neighborhood with many small parks so they spawn everywhere. Stego for one, I dart them all day long and am more than willing to max out all requests for them.

So, what I did was put out in my Alliance what I had in abundance that I am willing to trade. I am not going to fill requests for other DNA as I do not have them in abundance. DNA that I dart all day long is only what I am willing to trade. Selfish? Perhaps. I am not going to give away Posto just because someone requested it when I only have a thousand DNA in storage. If I had 40,000 in storage I would be more than happy to spread the wealth.

Bottom line. There are 8 or 9 Dino’s that I am willing to max all requests for because I have them in abundance. If everyone trades what they dart all the time no one should be running out of anything. It is only when folks trade away Dino’s they rarely see or may need, that there is an issue. And yes, I realize that many of the desirable DNA requests are for ones that everyone needs. I need them also and am not going to be giving them away.


Great Day!

I payed 200 cash for the blue and rare scent.
I got 3 spinosaurus.
And I sold all this 300 dna to my alliance for 900 golden money!
Everyone was asking.

Myself got zero DNA for my Dracorex gen 1.


You have valid points … no one knows what DNA you have, so they would never know what you can or can’t give unless you tell. And not giving away needed resources is certainly the smart thing to do (survival of the fittest?) But I look at it differently.

It’s a give and take. When I get DNA I need (currently, suchomimus so I can level my suchotator to 25) I’m willing to give needed rare DNA as a thank you. Yes, I need kapro/utah/tuo/t rex 2 as well - but my Suchotator, who’s proven to be very valuable on my team, has priority. And I can always get more rare DNA. That said, I can’t donate rare irritator needed for my pyrritator 'cause it’s nearly impossible to get.

I also think some alliance members who keep requesting popular rare DNA simply don’t have access to it like some of us do… surely they know they won’t get much, but it adds up over time.

Give a little, take as little, help each other improve. That’s how I look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. There are a few (very few) who always ask and never seem to give… it would be nice if as at least the leader gets access to that information.


I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not–but it seems some of the newer players are more than happy to beg for DNA and don’t have any appreciation for how long we’ve been grinding to save it up. Unless I just need coins, I’m not sure how much I will throw out to newbies who really just need to get out of their houses and look for what they need. #justmytwocoins


I m having a time keeping up too, seems we all need the same DNA, but I do try to give all I can to help my fellow members, I also let them know if the donate button is grayed out due to not enough to give any… soon as my car is fixed, will try to get out, weather cooperating that is…lol