I^2×R Dinos 10/9, 10/8 semi-hardcore alliance recruiting

I Squared R Dinos are recruiting

We are an extremely active alliance semi-hardcore alliance. We are a 10/8 or 10/9 alliancr

While we are extremely active we don’t have any insane rules or requirements
We just expect
•1 D.B.I on average per day, it’s ok if you can’t get it on some days

• 10 kills in tourney

• do not place dinos in our shared sanc

•3000+ trophies (can negotiate for active players under this requirement)

And of course most importantly be polite

If you want to be a part of our amazing alliance DM me on discord Daylan2003#1265

For this championship wr are definetly going to get teir 7 and it is highly likely we are going to get teir 8 with a few more actively participating members

im interested but i dont have discord

Perhaps you can still join,if you read in game chat around how many trophies are you, your level or activity?

im lvl.14 almost 15, i have 3401 trophies atm, and im on everyday.

Nice , will message you a bit later on more details



Hi, you can request to join now, “I squared R Dinos”

Can you let me know your in game name please, so I accept the correct person

@Keagan_Klinger ? Would you still be joining ?

yes, sorry i didnt get a notification that you had responded. my username is Mortis, and i use the volcano icon.

can you invite me? i cant find the alliance. my username is Mortis #7333.

Ok sure thing

wait a sec, im friends with the leader of the alliance

@Keagan_Klinger apparently I’m already friends with you in the game so all you have to do is request from your friends list

Yeah that’s me lol

oh, lol. alright

Should have more spaces so add me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 to apply for a spot

At the moment “I squared R Dinos” is doing quite good, ranked 292 in the championship and on track to teir 8.
We are currently full but I am recruiting on behalf of other alliances in our sanc co op
We are looking for new players for our alliance group (called SAS) with alliances for players to keep their own play style:

  1. Snubasnob:
    expect competitive play, cooperation with missions/tourneys/raids/shared sanctuary/Discord

  2. Snugasnog:
    we help you grow player level, expect cooperation for shared sanctuary and weekly missions, enjoy optional raids

  3. Snutasnot:
    we help you complete campaign missions to 45

  4. Snulasnol:
    we help you learn the game

Also I am recruiting for DPG United, a very active alliance which is growing very quickly

Screenshot_20201214-105820_JW Alive

Well… we have exactly 1 space open at the moment
We are on par for teir 8
We have a sanc co-op

All you have to do is DM me on discord at Daylan2003#1265

Min trophy requirement is 3500 trophies but if you are lower a decent tournament score can make of for this