I absolutely love killing teams that uses the Rat

Just finished battling an opponent who used the Rat. The lowest despicable form of dino life!

I absolutely love beating these kind of opponents. Use the Rat to your own detriment.


I have more respect from someone who use dracoceratops over someone using smilonemys and indoG2.

Cool. That’s your opinion. You think the Rat is better than Smilo? :joy:

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Sounds like the Rat is not the only thing you love beating, there is also… you know… a dead horse.

The Rat has been nerfed more than enough. If someone chooses to have the value that can still be added by the Rat, so be it.

What is this? The oold DSR Rat?


Really? You can level and fuse the rat every single day. I have more respect for someone who works harder for there fuses and lvl 30 dinos. Not commons.


Just fought this Rat team less than an hour ago.

If people still wanna use the deadbeat Rat, I have extra motivation to kill it.

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I meant the complaining, like it’s still the DSR Rat, not that it was fought back then.

You have extra motivation to kill a balanced creature, good for you.

Why would someone still use the deadbeat Rat in gyrosphere arena. Seriously. Just get rid of it.

I have hated this creature since day 1. And if people still persists on using this then, hasta la vista.

Between someone who use rat which now required strategy because one wrong move and he is dead and someone who abuse cautious strike which need a nerf and smilonemys which was overexageratly buffed,yeah even if i don’t like DC,it need more skills actually than those 2


Then you must love my “poor non-tyrant level tenrex”. The one that took down the Rat. Why no love shown for this dino?

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Yeah at least this one need skills to use actually.
As half of the community is still crying about it but thor aswell…

Those 2 chompers are behind tryko which is a safe replacement.

Well Ig2 is a bit much, but I don’t struggle too bad against it myself, titanoboa kills it no problem btw.

However, it’s not easy to find a lvl 30 ig2. That’s all I’m saying. You can easily rack up 10 fuses a day for DC with eyes closed. It’s pretty hard to get any fuses on something like smilonemys.


I think that dracorat is not that much of a problem now, ProceRAT is… it gives me such pleasure to destroy someone who uses it, and if I can’t, if I see they are overboosted, I just send them the bored emoji, close the game and let them sit it through :crazy_face: that’s what you get for using that abomination :yum:


And I absolutely love killing teams that use Indo G².

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Did you hate the rat when it was practically useless? (It had swap in Stun)


You seriously think the rat requires skill… please say your joking

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Got to hand it to the rat though, now it does require some skill. Use it too early and it’s toast. Use it to take out something strong, then use a rampage on the next creature if it’s not faster. Or use it last, after making sure opponent has low enough HP. Now they can’t just use rat at a whim to take out a whole Spyx.

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Rage post against rat.

Rat is already “dead” And works only in certain scenarios after last update.

Once it was nerfed enough you people keep complaining and saying “wow, I be rat killer Uuuuuh, I be better bc no use rat uhhhh”

This rage could be done with almost every dino.
Some have good swap in moves, other really good power stats,health…

People level whatever they can, want and desire… A common? A legendary? An epic? As far as it works and is available, why not?

Reported already this topic… Had enough with rat spam.

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So fun! I love watching those rats drop dead.

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Although the rat is now a pretty poor Dino, I still get that warm feeling inside of complete satisfaction when I beat one.

I guess it’s because I played for the year it was the most op and annoying thing ever developed.