I absolutely love killing teams that uses the Rat

Have hated the Rat for the longest time. From when it was super overpowered, till now.

So whenever I beat it, it gives the best feeling. :joy:

I know it has been nerfed a lot. But the hate is still there.
I don’t see it that often in Library or gyrosphere. Thank goodness for that.

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I agree that the rat is nerfed enough now. It’s out of my team, not because I think it is immoral to use it, but because it is not useful anymore. If people want to use something with SI attack, there are better options like monostego (though I liked it better before).

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Hmmm… Weird flex, but okay.

That is true in a way. But what makes it annoying is that it comes out of nowhere. Good news is that it’s not a swap In assassin, it’s a swap in finishing off. It’s no longer for one shotting erlikospyx or any glass cannons. You need it to finish off something. Don’t use it to early. Use it on that Geminititan that is being a pain to take down.

Plenty of stuff comes out of nowhere. Kaprosuchus, Monostego, Carnotarkus (at the cost of getting a huge hit done to itself). Though it’s easy to tell when you’re at risk of getting ratted. If your HP is down to close to 1/3rd and has no armor (or a bit less than 1/3rd if with armor), the critter’s at risk of getting a rat dropped on it. Before, you could bring out something with 4K hp and lose it to a high level rat.

i still occasionally loose matches to rats. most of the time its because i have nothing to kill it before it leaves and comes back. (tho most try to use the swap in on smilon 2-4 times. that’s kinda funny)

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Ehh, it requires math, no strategy. This Dino is over half dead, ok *Rat * :unamused:

DracoRat is perfect to throw as a sacrifice to save your stronger dino. It does damage and you lose a less important dino. Maybe a lucky crit and your.problem is solved.

It is bad for top tier combat but as a troll its quite fun to use.