I actually encountered a hacker for the first time ever


So i was fighting this dude, and i thought i was unlucky at first. He had a stygy who was hitting every single stun on me, although it was only supposed to be a 15% chance. So we were in the last few seconds of the fight, he was winning 2-1. I decided to bring out anky. All of a sudden, after about 2 or 3 turns, he somehow managed to beat me 3-2, even though my anky was still half health.

Ludia, please do something about these hackers :expressionless:


Stygimoloch is pretty strange because when I used it I stunned my opponent 3 times, so I don’t know if it is a special ability because of the movie :man_shrugging:


The information you provided about the fight does not give enough information to actually prove you met a hacker. Most times it has to do with dinosaur level and the action choice you choose. Plus it could also be your internet connection problem if it seemed to “magically” end in their favor and you couldn’t do anything. Hitting every stun doesn’t mean its definitely hacking. A 15% chance could still technically happen each time based on luck of the gamble.


When a game suddenly ends and you have health or you did not lose all three dinosaurs it’s not hacking it’s a glitch! Next time force close the game and reopen and you may go back in just don’t hit continue!

It is very possible that these occur with the bots

In an earlier thread someone posted a link to bot look up! Can they repost it! Because it will confirm a theory of mine that these early ending games might be against bots


This shows such a minuscule understanding of programming. I can’t.


Don’t know if it was a hack or a glitch, but I faced someone who had TWO Indominus. And I beat it twice :sunglasses:


i went against someone who had indominus rex. it was a perfect 6/6 on dodge.
my indoraptor was 2/2 on dodge. so something that has a 50% chance was 8/8 in one game.
i’ve also taken 3 straight critical hits from a kaprusuchus who has a 5% critical rate.

so, in my experience nothing percentage based happens at the rate on the card. it is what it is.


You talk too much. If you’re not asking, or contributing, zip it.


Not only that but they lowered the level of the bots but changed how they play( although can’t verify)

If it is true that after a certain amount of losses you play bots I fought an indominus and not only did it’s cloak fully succeed twice in one matchbut it used after only 2 cool down moves!

That is definitely not normal behavior! I would love to verify it was a bot!


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Yeah, how about you all chill the heck out? I honestly thought that this was a hacker because the game ended all of a sudden with the person winning 3-2, even though my anky was still alive with half health, and i only killed one of their dinos. Never occured to me that this could be a glitch in the bot AI, and im sorry for assuming it was a hacker. However, theres no need to be mean towards me, or other people for that matter. If anyone has anythingg to say, please keep it on-topic, if someone has made a mistake, dont criticize them for it, but instead discuss it with them calmly without saying hurtful things, and, most importantly, be respectful. No need to be aggressive towards anyone.


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