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I almost got it ... Almost

So I see turtle. I run toward it. I was within range. And then just as I’m about to tap on it because I got close enough to ensure I get the DNA I needed to unlock it … POOF! It’s gone.


rip. no turtle soup for you


Wow! That’s a big park! :grinning:

I’m sorry it disappeared. That’s happened to me too. Not naming any names. :wink:

(Cough) Diplodocus (Cough) <----- this was during that weird hybrid pursuit that included Ankylosaurus

It’s actually not too big, I run circles around it within 10 minutes. There is a larger one with a lake if you follow the center street for about 4 blocks. And unlike this one that’s in L4, that one’s in L1, so I would have chances at darting more Brachi while scent bug is going on.

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Like someone else said before: Oogway left because his time has come


RIP ol’ Oogway, lol

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And now two of these come out!

And I can’t reach them!

I think this is the only one of the new creatures I’ve been able to find so far. Hoping for better luck today. :grinning:

I wish there was a way to draw in creatures that are just outside your darting zone. We need a net. Lol :sweat_smile:

Other than VIP I doubt they’ll add anything else.

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Finally got the mullet chicken. I like the metallic purple shine.


Mullet chicken! :rofl: I just got one from a rare scent. Made me wonder if they may have fixed the epic scent in parks attracting the turtle :thinking:


Nah, not fixed, do not try it. Mullet chicken spawns everywhere during dusk and dawn, this one happened to spawn at my house.

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I found three chickens a couple nights ago within a half hour. The turtle shouldn’t be so elusive. I’ve found two so far, but some of my alliance members have put on lots of miles with no luck so far.

I found 2 as well, but did not reach 2nd. So stuck at 90 DNA for now. Going to that same park next hour, as soon as events pop up. Hoping to run into turtle or some Tenontos. I’d have Tenontorex by now if Ludia hadn’t messed with the scents. Even Wuerho would be good.

It would be great if I could give you directions to one of our sanctuaries.

Can’t reach it anyway, I’m in Romania. And have to take care of an alliance for someone.

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Romania, that would be a jaunt lol!

If all else fails, see if someone in your alliance has the turtle and ask them to put it in a sanctuary. I did this and literally within two days I ended up getting the turtle. You can get it rather quickly this way as well. Give it a shot.

Actually I’m trying to get it FOR my alliance, aside for collection purposes. Most of them are low level, so I don’t think they’ll manage to unlock it any time soon.