I alone do not have luck?:)


Everything started from the fact that for each new level did not receive ANY reward. All that was left was the possibility of opening free incubators and donats in the game. And now it’s just not possible to go into battle. It’s fun to say that here))) …


As far as I know, nobody receives rewards for levelling up?


You get offers , not rewards! Which you pay for at a fair price



I stopped buying them because they got more expensive with each level.

The price of things in this game is so outrageous that even when these offers come along at 2x, 3x or 4x value I still don’t think they’re worth the money or are a fair price.


Didn’t you buy a 50$ incubator or a 70$ one? LoL I haven’t bought one yet but one of those 7$ ones to see what was in it . The best deal you can get is those offers from leveling and stage changes and yes they get more exspensive with each level because they give more aparently …

Some people buy incubators up to you if you can afford cause really they are a easier way to get legendarys or higher but it’s up to you


Now I can not buy anything at all. The game does not allow you to go to the tab for buying)) …


Huh?? To the far left??


Yeah, I spent 5000 cash on the Legendary incubator as I’d got the cash from the level up deals, however, I had to stop getting them because they got too expensive :frowning:


Yea but I bet you got a couple nice Dino’s lol at a steep price lol


Yep, I got this beauty:


I’ve seen it hehe lol lucky guy you!! I really want that one. Also Any dino with a move first kicks a :upside_down_face::rofl:


So. When trying to go throw away from the game))