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I always lose priority when dinos have the same speed attack


How does the priority works when two dinos have the same skill level and speed attack. I thought that it was random, but the thing is that i always lose and the otre player attacks first.


It all comes down to who taps the screen first but that means slower older phone users miss out every time.


Thanks for the response. I always try to hit fast, but it seems that i do not hit too fast. :slight_smile:


If you have an older phone you will always lose out regardless. When both dinosaurs are equal, that is the one time it should be a 50/50 RNG.

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I have a very new phone, so maybe it can be the network


Maybe. Do you use wi-fi?


Rarity is a factor.

First request at server.


Yes, i usually play with wifi


Thank you for the response. I’ll keep it in mind


Speed of phone plays in a factor but having high upload speed on the Internet ur playing on is essential, to get that first tap request sent in first


This is where I always lose. If I switch to mobile data I seem to stand a better chance, so switch to mobile data and try that


The deciding factor tends to come down to who is closer to Ludia…

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Seriously? Is that how it works??! I always thought it was RNG so I paused and thought about the best strategy. Never realized it was a race to hit the button first.


Yeah there are many threads… its whoever the server says pushed the button first. In a game full of rng… this is the mechanic they choose for speed ties.


Speed Ties are resolved as follows according to release notes:

-Unmodified highest speed breaks ties (i.e. excluding buff/debuffs)

-If same speed, highest level breaks tie

-If same level, highest rarity breaks tie

-If same rarity, tiebreaker is determined by the first player to input action.

Source: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Worldwide Release

You will want to pay attention to note the level of any new creature that appears in battle so you can act first.

If you have your dino’s attacks memorized, you can be very quickly repeatedly tapping the screen where the button will appear so there is a chance you will hit it first. If you miscalculate its position you might hit the wrong attack, but in my experience, you will usually hit the correct attack.


First I understand you. It’s really really irritating…

Second, For the rules :

And last but not least, For trying to make ludia hear that system is one of the worst possible…

But it has been a long time since it’s broken, I have almost the same expectation as the answer for L5 hunters…

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It’s quite unfair for players outside US and Canada …


Do what I do! Constantly tapping the area where the move I want to do! Many times it gives me the Advantage


By the first player to have their action received by Ludias servers…

Old phone, new phone, bat phone, if you’re playing from rural New Zealand like me you get used to losing priority due to latency

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Thank you to all for your responses. I will try to play with mobile data instead of wifi and be faster clicking the attack button. I hope these two things help

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