I am a hacker


So today, I was playing happily JW, until I got into a match.

I used Delta to knockout a T-Rex, then another Dino knocked Delta outt, then I used Charlie, but my Charlie also died. Until this point, we were supposed to be 1-2, with my opponent winning, but when he knocked Charlie out, I automatically won, out of nowhere. I didn’t understand. It appears that now I’m a hacker or something (obviously not).

Even though I won, I’m telling Ludia to please fix this bug… I don’t want anyone to have to deal with this again… including myself.


No doubt, the bug is real… it’s happened a couple times to me before, but yeah. Chalk one up on the devs’ “Bugfix Bucket List”.


edit post, this share bug…and no work this. One time this appears


Dirty hacker scum, hahaha :joy: