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I am a new player, let me join your team, thanks


I am a new player, let me join your team, I want to play with friends, we can communicate and share experiences for each other, I have not had much experience in games, so I Thank you for your help


I believe HeWasNumber1 is looking for new players. Contact @Tori_baugh


AlphaOmegaSquad is open to new recruits and we have plenty of certain dna (no vraptors though)

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Pauline si tu es active (que tu joues à tous les jours) notre alliance t’attend.

Va voir mon message, tu auras toutes les coordonnées :slight_smile:


thank. But I cannot play continuously for many hours because I still have work


Contact @Tori_baugh. She is definitely looking for new players. I don’t believe she has a requirement for hours played.


Most of the XYZalliance work or go to school. Our motto is: This is a game, not a job. We are generous with our donations and enjoy working with new players. Everyone shares tricks and tips. Look us up if you are interested.


Any luck with @Tori_baugh? You are exactly what she’s looking for. A new player. You don’t need to be active, just be present :blush:.

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Yes , we’re working on getting her joined up. Just waiting for a message back

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Top Dinos! We would love to have you!


I have a new alliance, after being a member of some lousy ones. Always welcome…#psychodinocatchers


“Sojusz Dinozaurow” are looking for new members :wink: