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I am a noob that unlocked the free unique. Please critique me


I am one of those noobs who unlocked Trykosaurus because of this event but I don’t have the necessary ingredients to keep upgrading her lol. I have 1 more attempt and a unique but not sure if I’ll be near any before the event ends.

Now that I have her, can I get some advice on who to swap out for her? All criticism is welcome as well.

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Replace tyrannoloph…


Congrats on getting her :slight_smile:

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Well done. Work on those tanks and drop Gorgolol

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Swap Tyrannolopho.


Gorgo is such a hard hitter though, i’d hate to lose her powered up attack.

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Of course. But a hard hitter that replaces Gorgo with less vulnerability should be next in

The higher you go the less viable Gorgo is and you’re on your way. Posti also gets dramatically worse but at least it immune. Both are about to be liabilities


So does that mean you think Tyrannolophosaur is worth keeping in the line up?


It’s worth spending on to keep itunt he mix if you can. Besides it needs to be 20 to help you with its unique. My assumption is you’re working towards that so I give it a pass

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My feeling on tyrannoloph is that its it can be slowed easily and id rather have allosino then tyrannoloph on my team. Tyranno counter one thing well and thats Irex but so does tryko.

Honestly post, gorgo, and tyranno all need to go… but i feel like gorgo and posti are far more flexible.

The best solutions is take turns swapping it out and see who you need more right now… if you still face a ton of irex it might be worth keeping tyranno. Just dont get hung up on using it as a nullifier. In practice most things you want to nullify are far faster.

Rinex should take the next spot if thats your next goal…


Just curious, why not replace tyrano with allosino? Your allosino is more leveled and is better. Your tryko, lndom, and allo can replace posti, gorgo and tranno atm at least.

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I actually just got allosino recently when i was considering making Thor. I have gorgo and posti because they have been on my team forever and have higher speed than indom and allo plus their charge up makes them hit hard. Posti also has immune. I’m not sure. I guess I could swap out and use allo and indominus again but i recently benched indominus because she kept failing on her cloak.


Gorgo has cleanse that helps against bleeders and good damage to counter Dracocera. I’ll swap mine when I unlock Magna.


Noob! Congrats. Also lucky. Mine ended up being spread out between thor and indo. I am even more noob. Lvl 14 lol.

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I unlocked tryko as well and even leveled her to 22. My Ankyntro is lvl 18 and tRex lvl 15.

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Wow congrats, i’m surprised you got so much dna in 5 attempts! Even if i get another Tryko to dart i don’t think ill have enough to level her.