I am arean 7 so why am only getting exclusive Dna from arena 3 and not 8?


As thd title suggests, every 8 hour incubator I get i am getting the exclusive from arena 3. I havent had 1 Trex dna from the arena. I have opened at least 40+ incubators and I never see the dude.

Why Battle incubator reward not as guarantee

It absolutely amazes me how many people can’t understand and post about the free DNA they get now ON TOP of what they used to get.


Being arena 7 doesnt gurantee rex DNA it just makes it possible to now get him


My point is i keep getting the same. I don’t care for free DNA as I work for most of the DNA. My point is why does it not rotate. I keeo get the stygimoloch guy every incuvator. Why not ankylosaurus or some other dude. But it wouod be nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel


Because that extra DNA is is EXCLUSIVELY for ARENA EXCLUSIVE dinosaurs. He just happens to be the only epic at the moment so therefore is the only epic you can get.


I seeeeee, still there should be a rotation then no? Between the other incubator dinosaurs?


I’m in arena 7 and got 8hrs incubator and the minimum guarantee was :-

  • stygimoloch 13 dna
  • epic 13 dna
  • rare 54 dna
    But after 8hrs, i got only stygimoloch 13 dna, and other waa only rare dna (no another epic 13 dna)


No it means that you are guaranteed 13 epic dna … you are guaranteed 13 stiggy you MAY get another Dino but you may not.

So you got the 13 epic… it was stiggy


b/c it said minimum guarantee
Sty13 epic 13 Rare 54
Or I misunderstood something ?


I know what you’re saying but it basically means you are guaranteed to get 13 epic dna which will be stiggy … you may get more you may not


Ludia and their sneaky wording/graphics, eh? I was wondering about this, I got a really crappy 8hr today and wondered where my extra good DNA went. Now I know.


Ugh don’t I’ve had two 12 hour incubators in the past week full of PURRASAURUS :sob::joy: