I am coding JPB

So, I decided that I would put my coding skills to use and I’m gonna code JPB and make it as realistic as possible. Should I keep the creatures the same or add some new ones to each park when it’s finished?


Add new ones. Maybe hybrids, you can decide about that

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I would be careful with that, especially if you want to distribute the result. The concept of the game still belongs to Ludia. If you make and distribute a clone of it, it would be like spreading a pirate copy.


there is a game being made called jurassic park builder remastered maybe you can help code in that game?

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I would really like camarillosaurus to your version of JPB

Should I code a hybrid mechanic or just make them dinosaurs like Indominus Rex?

Maybe you could Fuse the two different dinosaurs to make hybrids when they are both level 40 like jw tg