I am confused

So… I’m confused to why Gorgosaurus is in this weeks event. Did it really get voted in? 'Cause honestly, I think its one of the more beautiful dinos. Not frightening or scary at all. :laughing:

Have you ever faced a primed up one in the arena? It’s really scary, believe me!

Nope, on the few cases I’ve encountered one, I took it out in two hits.

Admittedly, not a good opener… But played correctly, he is a force to be reckoned with… Mine is at level 23, can’t wait to level him, cause he has won me many battles!

I think for the last poll people were just voting for stuff that “mite” look scary so that’s why we saw some of them being a bit disappointing. On this vote instead of looking to see wich ones were “cute” and even writing that annoyed me I chose things that I need for fusing or upgrading other stuff in the hope that maybe others did the same

When that thing crits, it CRITS. Easily countable, but very scary in the right hands and situation.