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I am done with arena

Clearly Ludia you have made the matchmaking even more horrendous. Literally taking me 10 battles to get one trophy…10 BLOODY BATTLES!! Meanwhile I am descending down from 4997 trophies to now 4901 trophies. I think pulling teeth would be more enjoyable than battling in arena. I think slamming my fingers in a door would be more fulfilling than battling in your very broken arena. Please for the sake of the game, fix your matchmaking!


So my lad crept up to just over 5000 trophies as the last season ended.
Since the new one began he’s only won 2 battles, and lost at least 12. He’s now at 4720 or thereabouts!
He says that as Kelenken is the months reward he doesn’t care really, but it’s hard seeing him getting so down every time he battles in the arena.
Ludia’s idea of resetting is crazy as this happens every single time and it doesn’t settle for up to 10 days.

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People are putting all their boosts on stuff, knowing there’s a reset coming. Things are gonna be rough(er) for a bit.

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Ludia and their love for repeating mistakes over and over again and expecting different results

Figures that would happen. Been running into a lot of level 28s and 29s dinos. It was quite irritating and interesting.

Look what happened to me yesterday. Look at my high score and current score. Then I finally win and it was against AI after falling to library so I didn’t even get to move back up.


High aviary and low library is horrid. I’m in there too. Don’t worry I’ve felt your pain before


I was literally at 4997 trophies and now I am at 4875 trophies. It really sucks.

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Things got really bad after the announcement of boost reset. Everyone are using all their unused boosts to boost up whatever they have.

Oh I know everyone is piling them on to one dino so it seems. Saw a lot of highly boosted Indo gen 2s and Erlidoms with insane amounts put on.

It took you this long?

I do not what you mean by your statement.

I’ve been matched up with teams full of fully boosted level 30 dinos today. LOTS of level 30 Indoraptor2. I find it hard to believe these teams belong in mid library.

I’ve been avoiding the arena whenever possible since probably January. Now, granted, I participated when Wooly Rhino and Titanoboa were the rewards, but I’ve avoided it as much as possible, still hovering around 5000 pts for seasonal rewards. I’ve got my 10 takedowns in tournaments and other than that have largely avoided pVp. I meet battle quotas primarily with strike towers and friendlies. Matchmaking has not been go for quite some time.

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Me too, my team consists of level 24 average dinos with low boosts, only my lvl28 Thor sticks out. The match ups were fine, still a bit stronger than my dinos but I could handle it. Yesterday like out of nowhere I had to battle lvl30 dinos at 5000tropheis and if that wasn’t enough they had crazy boosts on them, like 148 speed magna with 2000 attack or maxima with 8000health. Of course i lost but just to make things more crazy I lost full 40trophies. Apparently the game thought I should have won that battle.