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I am done with events and gold packs (for now)

I am no longer gonna participate in any events except battle for survival and unlock event for a dino. Here are the reasons:
Participation fees:The participation fee for me is too high ts 200’000 and an average day of collecting gives ma atleast 700,000 no I can’t register on all events cause sometimes I spend it on the food production facility or buy decorations.
Challlenges: It tiring to fight so many level 25 legendary with my level 40 rare and common hybirds. These battles are very hard especially stakeholders visit,clash of champions and carnivore carnage with mods and other events like that. Rarity rumble is also to hard because I barely have any super rare Dino’s.

Now I am not buying solid gold packs anymore because it’s not worth the wait for getting 10000 pls for a ingle pack. I know it would be a good idea but I really need resources more so I am buying these building packs for the resources not the buildings. I know it’s really bad but I crave db and dna.

So yeah that’s it.

Sounds like you need to invest coins in decorations for you high producing dinos. They will more than pay for themselves in the long run.

John Hammond and park oasis are your friends.


hi salmon im lvl 44 close to ur lvl but its very easy for me to get coin i get about 1.5m in a day

“Now I am not buying solid gold packs anymore because it’s not worth the wait for getting 10000 pls for a ingle pack.”

You couldn’t be more wrong but you do you. Guessing you are non VIP so those solid gold packs are your only way to get VIP creatures which are just shy of a lvl 40 legendary ferocity wise right out of the pack. You would need to fuse 8 legendary creatures just to equal and barely surpass 1 lvl 10 VIP. Then the normal legendary is done, doesn’t get any better while your VIP’s have tons of room to grow for later game.

Skipping some PvE isn’t terrible, I do it all the time but I do try and do the ones that give good rewards for reasonable effort.

Not sure what lvl your park is but it just sounds like your park needs to grow a little bit, focused growth would go a long way. Even if it might take a little bit it will pay off in the end.

Kinda like Timmah suggesting work on some coin production, the 3 common hybrids with 30 min max coin times are a great start. Might take a while and seem not worth while but in the long run it will pay off both coin wise and PvE wise. All those lvl 40 common hybrids make all the common events a breeze


I get about 10million coins a day. The tip is to place John Hammonds and park oasis around your park. I recommend park oasis since it costs half as much as a John hammond

I think the tip of trying to do more coins is your answer, you can do a coin trap as they previously told you.

I would suggest you this tips:

-Yyou could try having multiple copies of the same dinos, hatch everything you can and move them to the coin traps.
-Once you start making more coins invest them not in events, but in modded PvP, here you will win a lot of legendaries and free Dinos that you can trade for dna or use them for even more coin production.
-Now with your more resources you can do daily events, the main reason for doing them for me is the sdna they give, eventually you will need super hybrids and I think every little bit of dna or DB helps.
-Don’t discard LP card packs, im not vip but I try to have every bit I can, and if I work hard I can earn a card pack in a week, by using my daily trades and all of the events I can, and at least by this I have 12 Dinos able to fight in tournaments that went totally free and they helped me a lot to win my first tournament

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Here’s my dilemma
I have collected 700,000 coins a day than I use them to buy triceratops sculptures for coin traps.
Than after I have spent all of them I can’t participate in events and get food from the facility. Then sometimes it’s the complete opposite.

I detest! Well u see the last thing I need rn is a vip dinosaur to unbalance my lineup like heck and make all Event battles make me fight level 40 legendaries and strong stuff. And if I am earning 15 lps every time I open a pack than its a long way to get my pack.

To things, one it is a balance of buying decorations and running the food plant and events.

Two, you only need one coin trap, just tap and hold to move your Dino’s in and out of it to collect at coin trap bonus. Keep in mind, decorations are only worth it on your higher producing Dino’s. The lower ones collect from, but, it isn’t going to have a good enough ROI before you unlock better decorations.