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I am enjoying the Tournament

I know there’s quite a bit of negative feedback on the new tournament. I know it’s full of disconnects, exploited bugs, and so on. However, I really have to say that (as a new player) I am finding it to be my favorite aspect of the game.

I really haven’t found any really good counter lists or strategy guides for the PvP aspect of JWA on the Internet. I get that. People like to keep their strategies secret. However, this tournament allowed us newbs a chance to see solid team compositions, how to use certain dinos, the circumstances where they work best, and what moves are used in what situation.

I was struggling in the starter arena before the tournament, and am now happy to report that I’m in level 3 (SS Arcadia) and actually winning as many matches as I’m losing. Thanks to all of you who struggled through the troubles and kept on grinding. I don’t care that I’ll probably wind up with less than 300 tournament points. The real reward was the training I received.

Once Ludia is able to clean up the bugs, I’d like nothing more than a tournament that runs 100% of the time with weekly prizes. Anyone else come away with a positive experience amidst the troubles?


I was as well and then the server crashed and now i am hoping they extend the deadline for the tournaments to make up for the lost time but probably not.

As for your looking on the internet check pocemon on youtube. He has great guides regularly for different events.

When I have managed to get a tournament match I have had great fun. It’s nice to have specific rules that force different team compositions and I hope they continue to do these events once it’s fixed.

The two things I feel will improve the tournament are:

  1. Timeouts, obviously this will improve it.
  2. Separate team - it’s bad enough changing your team around for strike towers, but now having to change your team entirely for tournament matches and then remember to change it back before you go to normal arena is stupid.

They certainly do need to implement the option to store at least two separate team builds.


Two would work but Id really perfer 3-4.

That way i could have a strike team… tourney team… friendly team and arena team. That would be great.


I just stumbled across Pocemon on YouTube last night.
His Tier list video for V1.7 Non-Hybrid dinosaurs really is a beginner’s primer as well.
It not only describes which ones are best, but WHY… and that’s huge for a newb like me.

I need to see if he has a similar tier list that includes some of the lower level hybrids, as well.
Knowing if a hybrid is better than an epic is really hard to determine early on.

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I wasn’t able to play in the tournament much due to the disconnects, but I see a lot of potential. I loved the graphics! This is my favorite screenshot from the tournament. :grinning:

Oops. I don’t think my picture worked.