I am in arena 7 but I need Irritator DNA


Is the chance of getting Irritator DNA
In arena 5 same as arena 7? Or I should go down to arena 5 for easier collection?


I’ve received Irritator DNA a few times from 15 minute and 3 hour arena 7 incubators.


Another question is I always see Stygimoloch DNA in 8 hours incubator, issit fixed or can be change?


You can collect all the dna from arena 1 to 7, if you are in arena 7. This is my last achievements after the update of this week

If you climb down to arena 5, you will find dna from arena 1 to 5, there is no guarantee of what you get and my incubators are too low to define if there is some new pattern going on.


I get it quite a bit from incubators in arena 7. All of that DNA is from incubators because I never see it in the wild.