I am looking for a clan

I am a level 11, but very active, I was kicked out of my clan,because I said they should vote for those who are not active :disappointed_relieved: :sob:

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If you have a legendary or are able to participate in tournaments, I can tell my leader we can take you in.

Actually due to how recent numbers of active people have declined, as long as you have a good team of epics, you can join us.

Hello! If you would like to join the Northern Raptors you could check out our ad then DM me here or on discord~ All the information is here:

Hi Maximo05… If you want, you can join our Alliance: DPGUnited. We are looking for active players

Hey @Maximo05!

I think you would fit quite nicely at JWA Paleontology. If interested you are allowed to join immediately however if you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Hope to see you soon :grin: