I am looking for a new alliance, anyone recruiting?

I am lvl 16 and am looking for an alliance with required tournament participation and maybe lvl 15+

We don’t require Tournament participation at Apex Instinct, but we would be happy to let you in. We do need help with tournaments.

I will think about it, lemme see some other people that post tho

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Alliance chat is extremely limiting… and forget anything to do with higher level raids with no communication platform. But apparently they’re out there… GL

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I’m curious what -Out of Game- communication methods you find acceptable. I found out long ago when people (not you) say they hate Discord or don’t want to use it they are actually hiding the real reason (they don’t want any communication when they aren’t playing).

@JeffTheDodo Hello At Goose Gang 2 we get tier 6 for tourney and tier six for weekly reward ten take downs are required you can join without discord but will be hard to communicate let me know if interested

I joined an alliance and am using discord, idk y i put no discord

I’m interested in joining Apex Interest