I am looking for alliance

Hi all, I am looking for an alliance with some active and nice players. I am doing Batmans tactic with only 4 dinos.

Do you have a level 20 sanctuary with a T-Rex and are you looking for a active player, let me know!



I thought dinos were automatically added to your team as you collected and leveled up until you swapped them out?

If you don’t create them you can play with at least 4 dinos.

Hoi jammer dat je alleen een lvl 20 sanc belangrijk vindt anders was je zeer welkom geweest in mijn alliance RaptorRedemption. Wij doen niet aan al die moeilijke alliance stress maar halen 7/7 zonder alle stress en doneren royaal. Succes!

Hi, too bad you only care about a lvl 20 sanc otherwise you’d be more than welcome to join my alliance RaptorRedemption. We don’t care much about all the alliance stress but make 7/7 anyway without the hassle and donate generously. Good luck!

Only unlocked raptor and trex, made its hybrids only😉 how you doin’?

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Doing pretty good. How about you? I was wondering how it worked that he was able to do that.

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Doing good thank you :rose: well it’s a smart strategy but it takes time and a lot of patience :wink:

Wow. You have a lot of patience! The team is very cool with the Indoraptor line.

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Haha yeah a lot of time, the T-Rex grind in heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

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