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I am missing creatures and also dna

so earlier today i had abt 22k dna and i wanted to max out another pteranadon and trex, so i bought i believe 2 pter and 2 trexs. that should have been 13,320 dna. so roughy i should have had abt 9-10k left. but i now only have 4k dna AND i am missing a pter and a trex, plus my hatchery has its 1st slot open now, and im sure i put a trex in there earlier. i am very confused, i remember a while ago i was missing gold, and i found out its bc of a bug, could the bug be back maybe?

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Turn in a ticket to Support and see what they say. Make sure you include your Support Key


i just tried doing the in game support thing and they said that a person will help soon.

Soon could mean up to 5 business days, FYI