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I am not a passenger!

Can we please get some sort of update that will restrict the GPS from constantly asking us to not drive while playing this game I think we’re all well aware or not to drive and play this game none of us are idiots also my main problem is not the fact that it pops up but the fact that it pops up continuously continuously after the fact that I’ve clicked I’m a passenger 8 times within the same 30 to 40 minutes the game should not have permission to ask you more than one time during one sequence of speed on your map that is going over walking speed I think it is terribly ridiculous that the game asks more than once and will constantly keep asking I actually lost ankylosaurus DNA because I tried to click on an Ankylosaurus to shoot at it and the I am a passenger sign would not go away as I clicked I’m a passenger 4 * it is ridiculous fix it

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