I am NOT happy at all

Guys!!! I have purchased a PREMIUM PACK WORTH £17.99, sad story is that my game froze so I reset it thinking my rewards will follow through BUT NO they didn’t and I have send 7 emails to Ludia but NOT a single reply back from them… with attachments of purchase…. This IS TOTALLY WRONG AND IM BEING IGNORED !!! :rage:


Everytime you send an email it resets your place in the queue. It’ll take a few business days for them to respond

My purchase was made on MONDAY gone, and it’s being 4 business days and they didn’t even bother to reply to any one of them

Hey @IamBatman, Sorry to hear about your purchase issue! We currently have a wait time of 5+ business days. An email that was sent Monday has probably not been seen yet. As Indoraptor08 said, sending multiple emails will reset your place in queue. I advise you not to update your emails, so we can get to you as fast as we can.

Thank you for your patience!

Ok thanks but I did send 7 already lol, I hope you can get to Monday’s one as fast as you can, I just want to start playing again & hopefully purchase more! Thanks for replying back !

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That’s the issue. They’ll respond to that last email, not your first one, unless all were sent on the same day.

Yeah I didn’t know this at all… :slightly_frowning_face: each one was send a day later. My last one was send today, I’m my mind you would think :thought_balloon: that they will ACT as fast as they like to take the money lol but u live & u learn I guess

The best thing you can do (in the future if needed) is go through the in-game support messaging system. It is generally faster, even with the gigantic backlog of issues they have managed to create for themselves.

From your profile page (accessed by tapping the little circle with your level in it) tap on settings, then Help & Info, the Help & Support, then tap on the little speech bubble in the upper right hand corner.

This usually gets you help a little bit faster AND you can easily see the history of who has said what. You can’t send screenshots or attachments, but they can access your game account to see for themselves what’s going on.

I’ve had decent luck with this. E-mail just sucks.

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Think it’s worth trying now to speed things up again, ideally I do not want to wait another few days and weekend is fast approaching which will delay it even further… :frowning:

No, I wouldn’t start it again… just sit tight. Since there was a purchase involved they’ll get to it. It may be less than stellar service, but I have also found when there’s an actual transaction involved they do eventually get it sorted out.

As far as the weekend goes, I have been getting replies on weekends lately, so I think they may actually be working on stuff 7 days a week now…


Great stuff ! Let’s see

I’m just wondering, since wait times are horrendous for long looong time, and it’s not temporary problem, why won’t Ludia/Jam City hire more support people? It’s not that they can’t afford it.
This just shows how Ludia values their customers.

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Yes I believe it’s illegal at this point.